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Volvo RC Excavators - 5 Best Options for Kids and Adults

May 11, 2022

Double E Toys remote control 3 Volvo excavators

Our remote control construction equipment line offers a challenging, yet realistic play experience. From skid loaders to dump trucks, we have all the machines you need to simulate a real job site. But as any expert knows, one of the most critical pieces of equipment on a construction project is the RC excavator, and Double Eagle is proud to offer several options to choose from to get the job done!

Hydraulic RC Volvo Excavator E111

Double E Hobby Hydraulic remote control Volvo excavator in 1/20 scale side view
EC160 Volvo mini RC replica

Weight: 10.8kg

Scale: 1:14

Length: 61cm

Width: 20cm

Height: 22cm

Boom and arm extension length: 56cm

Boom max lift force: 10kg

Arm max lift force: 7kg

Shovel force: 10kg

Turret rotation: 13 revolutions per minute

Material: Boom, Arm and Body - Aluminum Alloy, Wheels – Corrosion-resistant steel

Tracks: Aluminum, 40mm wide

Hydraulic pipes: Nylonand Copper

Hydraulic system: Aluminum valve

Hydraulic system: 600KV brushless motor and 60A ESC

Driving and steering system: 3300KV brushless motor and 30A ESC

Oil pump: aluminum made 3-in-1 pressure gauge, 50ml oil reservoir and oil pressure regulator

Operating voltage: 7.4V-11.1V (comes with removable 7.4V 6000mAh battery)

Radio control: FlySky FSi63i

Durable components

The Volvo E111 Excavator is the flagship of our line. Built almost entirely out of high-strength metals, this hydraulic digger has been designed to look and feel like the real thing!

The boom, arm, and body pieces are made from durable aluminum alloy, while the tracks are comprised of zinc and copper. Just like the real-life excavator, this RC toy is built to last in the toughest environments.

The operating voltage is between 7.4Vand 11V, which provides an opportunity for 3S batteries to be re-installed. Under the hood, two powerful brushless motors control the oil pressure and the excavator’s driving / turret rotations.

We intelligently designed the Volvo E111 Excavator’s construction to allow for interchangeable tools. No matter what the job requires, you will always be prepared!

This unit comes ready to go with a pre-set and fully programmable FlySky FSi63 Radio Control System.

Volvo Electric RCExcavator E010

Double E Hobby remote control electric and hydraulic diggers next to each other
Can you spot the difference?

Weight: 11.3kg

Scale: 1:14

Length: 61cm

Width: 20cm

Height: 22cm

Boom and arm extension length: 56cm

Boom max lift force: 10kg

Arm max lift force: 7kg

Shovel force: 5kg

Turret rotation: 11 per 1 minute

Material: Boom, Arm and Body - Aluminum Alloy, Wheels – Corrosion-resistantSteel

Tracks: Aluminum, 40mm wide

Excavating system motor: Brushed RPM 27234

Rotation motor: Brushed RPM 10000

Driving and steering motor: Brushed RPM 25000

Operating voltage: 7.4V (comes with removable 7.4V 3000mAh battery)

Radio control: Double E Hobby 10 Channel Transmitter SY010-08

Double E Hobby Volvo electric excavator with pre-set radio control
Electric Volvo RC excavator with pre-set radio control

The Double Eagle Volvo Electric RC Excavator (E010) is perfect for enthusiasts who want all the realism without having to maintain a hydraulic system. Designed for users of all experience levels, this electric excavator looks identical to its hydraulic counterpart, differing only in interior componentry.

The Volvo Electric Excavator is simple and intuitive to use. Pre-set with a non-programmable radio control, setup is a breeze! Simply take it out of the box and get digging!

The E010 also comes with interchangeable accessories, including a wide bucket, gripper, and hammer, allowing you to quickly adapt your machine to any task.

Double E Hobby Volvo hydraulic and electric excavators without top housing showing different components
Hydraulic and electric excavators' components

Volvo E598 RemoteControl Excavator

Double E Toys Volvo RC excavator E598
Light but powerful

Weight: 2.86kg

Scale: 1/16

Excavatorsize: 69.5 x 17 x 68cm

Excavatorbattery: 7.4V 1200mAh

Body:hard plastic ABS Durable trucks made of double layer plastic

Boomand bucket - metal screw drive system

Fully metal gears

Metal counterweight balance plates (placed at the back of the E598 excavator)

Bucket power 1.5kg

Interchangeable tools: bucket, grapple and hammer. Bucket and hammer - metal; Grapple - plastic(tools included)

Powerful motors for 360° cab rotations

Working lights and sounds

Remote control: 3pcs 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

Remote control distance: 25 meters

Dual control mode: Traditional control or mobile phone App

The App features a drag and drop control system which allows you to plan and execute an various sequences of movements

Double E Toys Volvo RC excavator E598 with metal components, large remote control and mobile phone app
Choose between radio control or mobile phone App

Launched in 2019, this excavator is an upgraded version of our popular remote control E568 excavator. Comprised of durable ABS plastic, this digger is lightweight and easy to transport. For durability, we created a unique double-layered plastic housing for the truck sand used high-strength metal for the gears and drive screw system. Despite its lighter footprint, this excavator has a bucket strength of 1.5kgs! To elevate the realism to the next level, we also included functioning lights and sound effects which can be muted at any time.

The E598 RC excavator also provides the user with interchangeable control methods. Choose from a traditional radio controller, or an app-based controller that can be downloaded on any mobile device. Featuring a drag and drop mode, this application allows for precise route planning, even on the most difficult terrain.

With an accessible price and powerful performance, the Volvo E598 Remote Control Excavator is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to take their first step into the RC construction hobby!

Double E Volvo Excavator E598 interchangable tools - grapple and hummer
Choose between grapple and hummer

Toy Grade Volvo E568 RC Excavator

Double E Toys Volvo trc excavator on the parking lot with green trees behind
Double E Toys 2020 best seller

Weight: 1.2kg

Changeable excavator bucket, grapple and hammer.

Moveable beam, stick and bucket.

Detailed interior, exterior.

Scale: 1/16

Material: high quality durable plastic

With sound simulation 2.4 GHz

Excavator: electrical engine,

Battery 4.8V 400mAh  

AA RC battery: 2pcs of 1.5v AA (not included)

Toy grade Volvo RC excavator with yellow radio control
An ideal RC digger to mimic the real life counterpart

Launched in 2019, our E568 Radio Control Volvo Excavator has been getting lots of international attention from our customers, and for good reason! This fully functional excavator is able to exactly mimic the movements of the real thing! Whether it is driving, steering, rotation, or digging, the only difference between our RC E568 Volvo excavator and its real-life counterpart is the scale!

This digger can handle a multitude of terrains, including extra soft sand. It also comes pre-loaded with functioning lights and sound effects. Experience the powerful roar of the diesel engine and illuminate the ground in front of you as you play!

This durable and light weight excavator is built using strong ABS plastic, and is safe to operate even for the youngest construction enthusiasts!

Volvo RC toy excavator on the rocks
A very realistic Volvo excavator replica

Toy Grade SY-E511 RC Excavator

Yellow toy excavator
Light and low power - safe for kids

Scale: 1/20

Size: 46x14x30cm

Weight: 0.78kg

Excavatorbattery: 400mAh, 4.8V

2.4GHz radio control: 20 meters distance

Radio control batteries: 1.5V 2 pieces of AAA

Yellow toy excavator E511 for kids
Working sounds and lights

Launched in 2014, our RC SY-E511 mini excavator was our very first fully functional remote control digger, and it has built itself quite the reputation!

Produced to 1:20 scale, this excavator offers all of the realism within a compact and manageable footprint. Built with integrated sound effects and realistic movement, this product is perfect for demonstrating heavy-duty construction equipment in educational environments. Built intentionally with a lower-power motor, this product is safe to use for kids ofall ages.

Additional features include a functional horn, and tail lights that turn on whenever the excavator is moving. Built to last, the SY-E511 Excavator is sure to with stand even the toughest jobs!

Double E E511 remote control toy excavator
Best Double E Toys 2014 seller

About Double E Toys manufacturer

Double E Toy is a dedicated toy manufacturer for decades. We are based in Shantou city (Guangdong province, China) and has been dominating Chinese RC construction site toys market for over 5 years. Double E hobby is a well-known, internationally recognized RC excavators manufacturer. Our company and all of our products are certified according to the leading International Safety Standards, such as: BSCI, CE, FCC, ASTMF-963, ROHS and others.

We produce not only RC hobby grade construction site equipment but also toy-grade excavators and many other construction machines. Double E offers the most comprehensive range of construction site equipment, from RC bulldozers to wheel loaders. Double E Toys is a well known brand for its range of Mercedes and Volvo licensed RC construction site trucks. We've got everything you need to build your own awesome construction site playground. Find more RC construction equipment products on our website!

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