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The Top 3 RC Dump Trucks

July 13, 2023

Volvo RC excavator is loading gravel on the RC Volvo A40G hauler

RC construction equipment includes a variety of heavy construction trucks, from remote control excavator to RC wheel loader, but you can not miss out RC dump truck. Dump truck models make RC constructions sites look more realistic and entertaining. Here at Double E, we want to show 3 our best remote control dump truck choices suitable for both, beginners and professional RC construction equipment hobbyists.

Mercedes Arocs RC Dump Truck

Mercedes Arocs RC Dump Truck Video

Scale: 1/20

Size of the vehicle: 45-16-19.8cm

Carry weight: up to 5kg

Rechargeable battery: 7.4V 1200mAh

Dual control: radio control and phone App

Mercedes Arocs RC dump truck is loaded with gravel
Mercedes Arocs E590 - best selling Double E RC dump truck in 2022

Mercedes Arocs dump truck is a resilient vehicle that is optimally prepared for use for almost any construction haulage challenge. The Mercedes Arocs truck has great features that makes it really stand out and those are what makes it a great choice for the construction site.

The Double E hobby is proud to present its 1/20 scale version of the Mercedes Arocs dump truck - E590.

The Mercedes-Benz E590 model features a very realistic look with tones of exterior detailing including characteristic front and silver wheels. The opening doors allow you to see the detailed cab, a perfect place for displaying one of your favorite driver figures. The front and rear lights of this remote control dump truck turn on automatically while driving or reversing. For more realistic play experience, the Double E team has added working top cab emergency lights together with a dump truck sounds that can be muted when needed. The body of the construction truck model is made of ABS plastic while the lightweight aluminum bed can carry up to 5kg of weight.

The Mercedes Arocs E590 construction truck is equipped with 4 wheel drive that makes this model go through all rough RC construction terrains. It also comes with front and rear suspension for more realistic and lively movement. The dump truck has a proportional throttle and steering system which means that you can more precisely control its speed or angle of direction.

The model offers innovative dual control mode and you can choose between standard remote control and phone App control interface.

The model comes in RTR (ready to run) version that makes it a perfect option not only for advanced RC enthusiasts but also for total beginners.

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Volvo A40G Haule E117 - Hydraulic RC Hobby Grade Model

Scale: 1/16  

Hauler size: 71.4*20.7*25cm

Hauler battery: 7.4V 6000mAh

Remote control: 4pcs 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

Body metal made

Carry weight 30kg

Volvo A40G RC model
1/16 scale hydraulic model can carry up to 30kg of weight

 “Volvo A40G haulers are designed for severe off-road operations, the machine offers continuous productivity with proven Volvo technologies and impressive comfort, contributing to sustainable operations.” Volvo heavy construction equipment team

Double E already has been collaborating with Volvo heavy construction equipment team for couple of years. As a result we have many Volvo construction remote control trucks in our fleet that are suitable for any situation! The Volvo A40G remote control hydraulic hauler E117 is the epitome of strength and durability in Double E Hobby fleet. With all wheel drive and pendular suspension, this model effortlessly conquers 45 degree slopes even when fully loaded with additional 30kg of weight! Its hydraulic tipping bed system can achieve an impressive 72 degree angle, ensuring complete emptying and zero leftover content. The hydraulic system generates up to 6MPa, allowing this model to tackle any daunting task. This hauler comes equipped with durable metal gears and a reliable metal transmission shaft and is powered by a 240 drive motor. Functioning front and cab lights, along with an integrated sound system, provide a complete realistic play experience. The high-quality professional radio control with 10 channels has been developed in joint venture with Fly Sky, specially to control E117 hauler. The truck model is equipped with a powerful 7.4V 6000mAh battery for extended play time, and it includes a complimentary balance charger. Available in a ready-to-run (RTR) version, this model is designed with your expertise in mind for hobby grade professionals.

Learn how to properly maintain your E117 model with this comprehensive video guide.

Volvo Hauler A40G RC Dump Truck - E591

Scale: 1/20

Size of the vehicle: 56.5x17x20.5cm

Carry weight: up to 3kg

Rechargeable battery: 7.4V 1200mAh

Yellow Volvo RC excavator is loading Volvo RC hauler with sand
Volvo A40G RC hauler is capable to carry over 3kg of weight

Volvo A40G RC hauler E591 is one of the newest Double E additions to our Volvo RC construction fleet. The E591 construction truck model is a direct replica of the E581 RC toy version, but it comes as an upgrade for hobbyists who want more power and features. Indeed, this remote control dump truck is powered by a 7.4V battery which gives it enough power for this vehicle to carry up 3kg of weight! The tipping bed angle was increased and with this model it can be raised up to 45 degrees. The E591 Volvo hauler features an efficient and stable transmission system that offers great performance on all types of terrain. The six wheel drive system is powered with three 260 motors, which allows this construction truck to move over obstacles even when fully loaded. The A40G's pendular suspension system makes it perfect for navigating through rugged RC construction terrains. In addition, the model features a proportional throttle and articulated steering that make it easy to control during construction sites operations. Working cab warning light is a great extra feature for more alike and realistic play experience.

The E591 Volvo A40G remote control hauler model comes in RTR (ready to run) version that makes it a perfect option for hobby grade beginners.


Volvo Hauler A40G RC Dump Truck Toys Grade Model - E581

Scale: 1/26

Size of the vehicle: cm

Carry weight: up to 200g

Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh

Double E E581 model remote control dump truck toy version was released in 2020 and it is a mini version of the real dump truck - Volvo A40G. The model comes in 1/26 scale and it features driving and articulated steering. The most fun comes from a functional tipper mechanism that can be used to move sand or extra small gravel. This construction truck also comes with working lights and sounds. The truck is powered with 3.7V battery that obviously does not give enough power but it is safe for kids to play with.

You can read more about remote control construction toys in a separate blog!

Upcoming Products - Hobby Grade RC Dump Truck and Hauler

Double E Hobby has announced its newest fully metal hydraulic Volvo dump truck in 1/14 scale!

Remote Control Dump Truck and RC Construction Manufacturer 

The Double E Company has been manufacturing remote control toy trucks since the 1980s. Our company specializes in RC construction truck models including RC excavator, dump trucks and other heavy duty trucks! Double E brand is also well known for producing all sorts of RC trucks that are perfect for kids.

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