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RC Construction Equipment For Adults

June 1, 2024

RC construction equipment vehicles for adults

RC construction equipment is exciting to everyone, young and old. Children dream of operating one of those powerful construction trucks when growing up, and many carry that dream into adulthood. But remote control trucks are not cheap. RC construction trucks for adults come with a hefty price tag, making them an indulgent hobby beyond the reach of many. Don't be discouraged though; we introduce you to a fantastic compromise between price, power, and quality here.

RC Construction Equipment for Adults: Volvo Vehicle Replicas

RC Excavator - Volvo EC160

Item number: E598

Size: 69,5*17*68cm

Scale: 1/16

Weight: 2,86kg

Chargeable battery: 7,4V 1200mAh

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Volvo EC160 remote control model for play
Double E Hobby EC160 is the best seller of 2023

The RC excavator is undoubtedly one of the essential and most sought-after construction equipment vehicles available. The E598 model not only boasts a Volvo license, it also provides impressive power at a very reasonable price while being fully remote-controlled. Although constructed primarily from plastics, all gears and screw drive system are made from steel, ensuring durability and reliability. Equipped with a steel shovel, this unit is powered by a 7.4V battery, enabling it to perform admirably in excavating sand, gravel, or soft soil, with its bucket capable of handling up to 1.5kg of material.

For a more immersive play experience, this excavator features functional lights and sounds that can be muted as desired. Particularly exciting is the inclusion of a top-notch additional control mode: a mobile app giving players the option between a standard radio controller and the convenience of a smartphone for operating the excavator. The standard kit comes with two additional interchangeable tools - a metal hammer and a grappler, enhancing the versatility and enjoyment of the experience. The tracks are constructed from double-layered durable plastic, ensuring hours of play in various harsh environments. The back of the excavator features a metal counterweight that effectively balances the vehicle during excavating operations.

Watch the video below to see the E598 excavator model in action.


RC Dump Truck - Volvo A40G

Item number: E591

Size: 56.5x17x20.5cm

Scale: 1/20

Carry weight: up to 3kg

Chargeable battery: 7.4V 1200mAh

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Yellow Volvo A40G remote control replica
Perfect RC truck for beginners

Any construction site setup features not only an RC digger, but also a dump truck that works in tandem. The Volvo A40G replica in 1/20 scale is an excellent companion to the excavator model E598. Powered by a robust 7.4V battery, this remote-controlled dump truck boasts the capability to carry up to 3kg of weight, providing ample strength for various tasks. With an increased tipping bed angle, this model can now be raised up to 45 degrees, offering improved functionality.

The E591 Volvo hauler is equipped with a stable transmission system, complemented by a 6-wheel drive powered by three 260 motors. This configuration, along with its pendular suspension, enables the truck to maneuver effortlessly across rugged construction terrains, ensuring smooth and reliable operation in challenging environments.

Moreover, this model features proportional throttle and articulated steering, ensuring precise control during construction site operations. The addition of a working cab warning light enhances the authenticity of the play experience, providing enthusiasts with a more realistic feel.


RC Wheel Loader - Volvo L260H

Item number: E592

Size: 20,5*50*24,5cm

Scale: 1/16

Lift weight: 5kg

Chargeable battery: 7.4V 1200mAh

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Realistic looking Volvo wheel loader remote control model for play
Volvo wheel loader E592 model of 2024

The Volvo L260H wheel loader model comes in 1/16 scale. Crafted with durable ABS plastic and featuring alloy parts such as the shovel, boom, and handrails, this model ensures both durability and performance. Powered by a 7.4V battery and equipped with a reliable screw drive system capable of lifting weights up to 5kg and extending the boom to a height of 35 centimeters.

Designed for an immersive play experience, this Volvo model excels in conquering slopes with a 35-degree angle and navigating obstacles effortlessly thanks to its pendular suspension. With a steering angle of 35 degrees, it offers impressive maneuverability, allowing for precise control during operation on your RC construction site.

The addition of a functional orange warning light not only enhances the realism of your construction site setup but also operates in four different modes, adding versatility to your play experience. As with all Double E models, the L260H wheel loader comes equipped with a pre-installed sound system featuring lifelike wheel loader sounds.

RC construction hobby should not be expensive!

So, don't let go of your passion for RC construction hobbies. Here at Double E, we strike the perfect balance between affordability and outstanding performance in all our products.

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