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Mercedes-AMG ONE: The Most Ambitious Hypercar Brick Model to Date

October 30, 2023

Mercedes-AMG ONE: Hypercar Brick Model

With its F1 Hybrid Drive technology, Mercedes-AMG has outdone itself in creating a true engineering marvel with the Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar. With such an exceptional machine at hand, CaDA felt the officially licensed brick model needs to be extra special, and has therefore turned to one of the biggest names in MOC design.

The plug-in hybrid market has seen some attempts in creating stylish, high-end vehicles. Sleek curves coupled to good performance is something that has been done before. The Mercedes AMG ONE takes it to a whole different league though. It packs enormous power, with three E-motors that are capable of producing staggering power. Combined with its distinctive bodywork design and adherence to all the traditions carefully curated by AMG over the years, it cannot be argued that the AMG ONE finally delivers a plug-in hybrid that is perfect for lovers of the new generation of hypercars.

A Faithful Recreation of the AMG ONE

Such a special car deserves a great brick model, arguably the best one CaDa has produced so far. The 1/8 scale model of the Mercedes-AMG ONE is accurate to the original to a tee. Consisting of 3295 pieces, it features all the characteristics that makes the AMG ONE so desirable to any motoring enthusiast. Despite being created out of blocks, lead designer BrunoJJ1 -a well-known name in the world of brick building- has managed to recreate all the smooth lines that make the AMG ONE so eye-catching. The characteristic roof-mounted air scoop is present and built out of elements that are exclusive to the AMG ONE model. The wheels and wheel arches have also been accurately recreated, while the tires have the original Michelin patterns. In short: the model looks exactly like a miniature version of the original, with a beautiful box for display purposes to boot.


And it’s not only cosmetics either. The Mercedes-AMG ONE model is fully motorized, and has independent suspension -front and rear-, functional LED lighting and a moving engine that resembles the original 6 cylinder. Even the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) is being simulated with pull back motors. Thanks to its two L motors each tuned to separate buttons on the remote, the model achieved an approximation of the innovative drivetrain in the real car. This allows two-speed gear, something only few brick track toys feature, with other movable parts including doors and rear spoiler adjustments.


Time nor Energy Spared

What you get is a great display piece and at the same time a wonderful remote controlled toy. The possibilities are endless, thanks to the efforts of designer BrunoJJ1. Over the years, he has made a name for himself as a leading model creator specializing in car replicas. “When I moved to Germany at the age of 10, I got the great experience with all kind of brick sets, and built the most advanced models I could lay my hands on,” he said. “However, usually I ended up creating my own models. These were often supercars, F1 racecars and other vehicles of all sort. It was a great challenge and an absolute honor to be able to construct this particular model.”

AMG ONE hypercar building blocks model
Details matter


The design of any model, BrunoJJ1 explained, starts with the internal parts: the chassis, engine and the suspension. After that, it works up to the outer parts of the car. “The positioning of the headlights is especially important,” he said. “It is basically the face of the vehicle, and the first thing people look at when deciding whether a replica is faithful to the original or not.

CaDA Master C61503W AMG ONE
Packed with features


“I’m grateful I´ve had all the support from CaDA with 3D printed prototypes of special parts, supply of motors and batteries and tons of stuff which I received from their R&D department over the years.”


A model not for everyone

AMG ONE hypercar
A model for professional collectors

The Mercedes-AMG ONE is, without exaggeration, a revolutionary piece of automotive technology. Its brick counterpart therefore demands extra attention to detail, and a keen eye for everything that makes the car great. At CaDa we are very happy with the end result, and we are sure that fans of hypercars, brick building hobbyists and AMG enthusiasts will be very happy having this extraordinary model in their homes.

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