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Excavator Toys for kids of all ages

October 11, 2023

Excavator toy Volvo model for kids

Do you have a little one who is fascinated by large vehicles? Then an excavator toy may just be the perfect choice for them! Excavators are one of the largest and most powerful vehicles on the construction sites and kids are naturally drawn to their immense size and power. It’s no wonder that excavator toys are among the top choices for kids when it comes to vehicle toys. And the best part is that these toys can be used in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors. With a range of models for different age groups, Double E excavators are sure to provide hours of fun and exploration for your kids. From the manual excavator toy for little ones to the RC excavator for older kids, all Double E excavators are made with high-quality materials, realistic design, and easy-to-use controls. Let your child dig into imagination and develop fine motor skills with these awesome excavator toys!

Excavator toy with folding platform and additional free items

Ages: 3+

Item number:

Scale: 1:20

Material: ABS

Excavator size: 40.5*14.7*23.5cm

This manual excavator toy is much more than just a simple digger - it can transform into a complete construction site playground with its fold-up platform. The platform comes loaded with a minifigure, 2 mini trucks, road signs, ramps and stickers! Our specially designed crank, located on the top of the boom, allows for effortless manual operation. Your kid will have the power to control various moving functions, including the working bucket, arm, boom, cab rotations, and functional tracks for driving. The E241 model is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, as it is completely electronics free.

Mini remote control excavator toy in small scale

Ages: 6+

Item number: E571

Scale: 1:26

Material: ABS

Radio control: 2.4 GHz

Excavator battery: 3.7V 500maH

Excavator size: 35*12*21.5cm

Yellow excavator toy for kids
1/26 scale mini excavator toy for young kids

Introducing the smallest and fully functional Double E remote control excavator that delivers big construction fun! Compact and portable: this toy excavator is a mere 35cm long and 12cm wide. With a height of no more than 22cm, it's the ideal size for easy storage and on-the-go fun. With its impressive features like driving, steering, and 360-degree cab rotations, it's a fully functional model that mimics the real thing. Plus, the functional boom, arm, and shovel mechanism make it perfect for very soft sand excavations. The E571 model is equipped with rechargeable 3.7V 500maH battery and only thing needed are additional 2 pieces of 1.5V AA for the radio control.

2018 Hong Kong Fair award winning excavator toy

Scale: 1:20

Item number: E511

Material: ABS

Radio control: 2.4 GHz

Excavator battery: 4.8V 400maH

Excavator size: 46*14*30cm

Excavator toy for kids
Featured in the Hong Kong Fair journal: this stunning model is not to be missed

Double E's remote control series has been honored with multiple prestigious awards over the past 6 years. One of these accolades was earned at the 2018 Hong Kong Fair, where our E511 excavator toy was also proudly featured in the Hong Kong Fair journal. Captivating the market since its release in 2018, the Double E excavator remains a standout among the first models introduced.

This fully-functional remote control excavator toy is designed in a perfect 1/20 scale, making it lightweight (just 0.78kg) and incredibly portable. With lifelike movement and realistic sounds, it brings safety and joy of real excavating for little operators. The E511 remote control excavator is the perfect addition to any sandbox adventure! Excavator model comes with rechargeable battery and charging cord.

Remote control excavator toy - Volvo 2022 model

Scale: 1:20

Item number: E588

Material: ABS

Radio control: 2.4 GHz

Excavator battery: 3.7V 500maH

Excavator size: 49x14x31cm

Introducing our latest release: the first Volvo excavator by Double E! Since its launch in 2019, it has received rave reviews and delighted numerous kids. Inspired by the immense love for excavators among younger children, we are excited to announce the arrival of a scaled-down version in 1/20 scale.

E588 Volvo excavator model is perfectly sized for small hands and is light enough to carry and store o a shelf. Parents can rest easy knowing that the toy is designed with safety in mind - it has minimal power and is incredibly safe for kids to play with. Special features that make this toy a standout - the working sounds and lights that add an extra level of excitement and realism to your child's construction adventures.

Remote control excavator model for older kids - Volvo E568

Scale: 1:16

Item number: E568

Material: ABS

Radio control: 2.4 GHz

Excavator battery: 4.8V 500maH

Excavator size: 69.5 x 17 x 68cm

Volvo excavator toy model for kids
Best selling remote control excavator for kids

This our first licensed Volvo construction excavator toy model E568 that has been launched in early 2019. This versatile vehicle includes a detachable bucket and two bonus tools: a functional grabber and hammer. The excavator flawlessly replicates its real-life counterpart moves and comes with remarkable attention to exterior details. The E568 model is equipped with working lights and sounds for more realistic play experience.

Build your own excavator with CaDA building sets

Introducing CaDA Bricks, a prestigious Double E sub brand renowned for creating exceptional building blocks. Since 2016, we have been crafting high-quality products that have captured the hearts of international customers, particularly in the thriving markets of the EU.

Small toys for young engineers - construction vehicles fleet

Scale: 1:35

Item number: C65003W

Pieces: 467

The CaDA micro scale excavator model features manual controls that mimic a real excavator, allowing kids to operate the boom and arm with precision. With the ability to rotate the cab, this toy offers an incredibly immersive experience. The functional tracks also enable kids to drive the excavator around. Not only does this toy provide hands-on fun, but it also teaches kids about engineering principles as they build their very own excavator.

This micro scale construction vehicles line features four additional trucks: bulldozer, mobile crane, forklift, and mining truck. Not only can your child build more construction vehicles, but they can also learn about the distinct characteristics of a bulldozer, excavator, and mobile crane.

These building sets not only introduce kids to the fundamentals of STEM learning, but it also requires precise hand movement and coordination that helps to develop fine motor skills.

Find these models here!

CaDA Excavator model for young teenagers

Scale: 1:20

Item number: C61082W

Pieces: 1708

CaDA functional excavator toy model
Fully functional excavator model

The C61082W excavator model is perfect for experienced older teenagers who love building with bricks. With a whopping 1708 pieces, this set guarantees hours of fun and playtime. Not only is it a stunning display piece, but it also features intricate mechanisms that allow you to control the entire excavator using turning knobs. And for those kids looking for an extra level of excitement, there's an optional motorization available with the purchase of a motor and battery kit!

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Safety claim from manufacturer

Parents are always on the lookout for toys that will ignite their child's imagination without compromising their safety. The Double E brand brings both of these elements together with our wide range of products. Our toys are not only free from harmful toxins, but they are also guaranteed to meet international safety standards.

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