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Off Road RC Cars - 5 Perfect Double E RC Trucks for Outdoor Fun!

September 18, 2023

Eight wheel off road remote control toy car

We have rounded up some of our favorite off road RC cars for kids that are perfect for any skill level and budget. So let us take a look at our remote control car recommendations and let your kid's remote control journey begin!

Double E off road RC cars

Double E five off road RC cars should definitely suit your needs. From superior performance with great maneuverability on the toughest terrains to the friendly control, it’s hard to go wrong. It's also worth noting that all of these RC trucks come with rechargeable RC cars batteries. Ultimately each off road RC car is designed to give your children hours of endless RC hobby adventure and maximum fun so why wait? Let's get started!

Amphibious remote control car

8x8 off road amphibious RC truck

This epic E-373 8-wheel RC truck will blow your mind with its exceptional all-terrain performance and cool looking monster truck design! Meet an amphibious ready to run RC truck that you can take to the beach, a riverside or drive through your backyard – it's an off road remote control car adventure like no other.

Amphibious remote control monster truck with eight wheels
Set your worries aside - you can ride the amphibious truck confidently in any situation

RC vehicle name:  RC Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle

Model type: RTR (ready to run RC car)

Model number: E-373

Radio control: 2.4GHz

Scale: 1/10

Size of the vehicle: 53*24*27.5cm

Vehicle battery: rechargeable 2500mAh 7.4V (charger is included)

Top speed: 20km/h

Radio control range: 50m


The 8x8 wheel drive system allows you to tackle even the toughest terrains, effortlessly gliding over any slippery surface. This cutting-edge setup is equipped with four powerful motors, each ensuring that one pair of wheels receives a solid amount of power. The amphibious RC car model is powered by a huge 2500mAh 7.4V Lipo battery, offering an epic 30 minutes of uninterrupted play time! And by the way, the steering system is controlled with 6kg high torque steering servo equipped with alloy gears, so you can expect the top-notch performance with front 4 wheels turning same time. In addition, the model is equipped with all wheel independent suspension for realistic movement. All electronics are sealed with the highest waterproofing rating- IPX7 certified housing. This ensures this RC truck is ready to take on any watery adventure and even submerge up to one meter deep without compromising its performance! The Double E E-373 vehicle features vacuum tires that provide maximum friction and grip - allowing you to take on any terrain.

The amphibious off road remote control truck comes with the proportional radio control that allows for precise steering and speed control. With the radio control's low voltage alarm, you'll get a warning before your RC truck battery goes low. The pistol grip remote control also has steering and throttle trims and allows for left or right hand control adjustments.

Find if there are any dedicated Double E toy distributors in your area.


Remote control crawlers

RC crawlers offer an exciting combination of low speed and high torque, allowing them to conquer the most rugged terrains. These RC cars can handle steep inclines as well as rocky surfaces.

Remote Control Land Rover Defender 110 in 1/8 scale

Be ready for an adventure with this 1/8-scale RC car replica of the iconic Land Rover Defender. Its powerful 4x4 drive system and large tires will take you over any type of bumpy terrain!

A big Land Rover Defender remote control model
Toys grade RC cars should not be boring

RC vehicle name: 1/8 Land Rover Defender 110 Rock Crawler

Model type: RTR (ready to run RC car)

Model number: E-372

Radio control: 2.4GHz

Scale: 1/8

Size of the vehicle: 49.5*26.5*26.5cm

Vehicle battery: rechargeable 1200mAh 7.4V (charger is included)

Top speed: 6km/h

Radio control range: 25m


Don't underestimate the power of toy-grade RC trucks - this awesome RC car proves that toy rigs can still pack a punch on bumpy terrain! Featuring a robust motor with 4x4 wheel drive for tackling 30° slopes, as well as independent suspension system to ensure smooth and lifelike movements. Not only does it have realistic working headlights and taillights, but also a built-in speaker that lets out the sounds of revving engines for an extra special experience for the younger kids. Opening doors of this toy model reveals a stunningly realistic interior, where kids can place their favorite figure as a driver! For more excitement opening hood reveals a well replicated Land Rover Defender's engine. The battery compartment and steering trim are neatly placed underneath the vehicle.

Interference free pistol grip radio controller comes with the proportional speed control and ensures up to 25 meters of signal distance.


Remote Control Land Rover Defender in 1/14 scale

Now you can explore off-road terrain with the Double E Land Rover Defender E339 RC truck, featuring a classic shape and remote control entry level hobby technology. Let's get going!

Grey and red Defender RC rock crawlers
Small in scale but with powerful performance

RC vehicle name: 1/14 Land Rover D110 Rock Crawler

Model type: RTR (ready to run RC car)

Model number: E-339

Radio control: 2.4GHz

Scale: 1/14

Size of the vehicle: 37*15*19cm

Vehicle battery: rechargeable 800mAh 7.4V (charger is included)

Top speed: 6km/h

Radio control range: 25m


The E-339 off-road RC truck is equipped with an incredible 4x4 drive system that packs a punch of power with 280 brushed motor and allows the truck easily climb 45° slopes. With high torque servo, this truck will take on even the toughest terrains with total confidence. In addition, this remote control car is based on metal chassis with adjustable wheelbase that allows for modifications. That is not over yet! The vehicle has alloy metal axis and alloy shocks for more realistic performance on rough terrains. You will also find high grip air-free TPR made durable tires, which can be easily removed and replaced.

This off road RC truck comes with proportional remote control with features like throttle trim and steering angle adjustments so you can customize your speed from afar. Storing the battery beneath the vehicle's hood makes swapping batteries a breeze - ensuring safe and effortless replacement every time! But wait...there's more: turn up the realism by remotely controlling it's lighting system too – night or day this rock crawler will light up anywhere taking outdoor play for day and night.


RC Buggy - great off roads vehicles

Get ready to race! These awesome RC off road buggies are engineered with special features that enable them to tackle sand, dirt, gravel and smooth surfaces at very high speeds. And the best part? They can even take jumps - making your kid’s racing experience more daring!

RC Buggy Ford Raptor 1/10 scale

The Ford Raptor RC buggy E331 model is an impressive 1/10 scale marvel, boasting with more professional-grade RC hobby equipment.

RC vehicle name: 1/10 Ford F-150 Raptor Racing Truck

Model type: RTR (ready to run RC car)

Model number: E-331

Radio control: 2.4GHz

Scale: 1/10

Size of the vehicle: 34.5*31*17.5cm

Vehicle battery: rechargeable 1650mAh 7.4V (charger is included)

Top speed: 35km/h

Radio control range: 50m


Experience a thrill like no other - hit speeds of up to 35km per hour with the awesome Ford Raptor F-150 RC buggy model. 

This remote control buggy comes with 4 wheel drive that is powered with two powerful 390 brushed motors and high torque servo with metal gears for solid off road drifting experience. The proven chassis is equipped with double wishbone suspension, alloy shocks and high-grip off-road tires to offer superb driving performance on rough terrain. The electronics are safeguarded with a sealed cover that offers superb protection from dust, dirt and moisture keeping them in prime condition. The Ford Raptor RC truck is certified with the IPX4 water resistance rating for splash waterproof electronics! A resilient, easy-to-replace canopy made of light and impact resistant PVC ensures safe and fast access to the battery. The Electronic Speed Controller is equipped with an alloy heat sink, allowing a perfectly-balanced protection against overheating.

The amazing Ford F-150 RC model offers an unprecedented level of realism, with a direct proportional steering and throttle pistol grip radio control equipped with the steering and speed trims. Remote control allows you to switch from High to Low speed and drive slow and steady, making it perfect for the young kids. The remote control also has both left and right-hand switch.


RC Buggy Ford Raptor 1/18 scale

Let us introduce a mini version of RC buggy Ford Raptor 150 that comes in 1/18 scale yet capable of an impressive 35km/h speed. Get ready for a wild remote control car ride in miniature form!

RC vehicle name: 1/18 Ford F-150 Raptor Racing Truck

Model type: RTR (ready to run RC car)

Model number: E-338

Radio control: 2.4GHz

Scale: 1/18

Size of the vehicle: 26.3*19*12.8cm

Vehicle battery: rechargeable mAh 7.4V (charger is included)

Top speed: 35km/h

Radio control range: 50m


The Ford Raptor 150 in a 1/18 scale is an exciting model that boasts similar technical specs as it 1/10 scale counterpart and is capable to surprise with its outstanding drive. This RC buggy model powered by a single 390 brushed motor and high torque servo, providing you reliable performance. This model has been meticulously assembled with the alloy metal components, ensuring that its performance is top-notch! Enjoy smooth operation from alloy bearings and differential gear, plus a robust build thanks to alloy dogbone joints and shocks. With the radio control feature, you can navigate this RC car with unparalleled precision! Enjoy full-proportional steering and speed capabilities for an enhanced experience. In addition, the radio control features speed and steering trims and a switch that lets to choose between high and low speeds.

The Ford F-150 Raptor in 1/18 scale is an ideal way to jumpstart your remote control car hobby. This model offers a great balance of size and power, providing the perfect challenge for beginners!


Why to choose off road remote control car?

Off road RC cars are an exciting way to get your kids play outdoors! These remarkable radio controlled cars come in an impressive array of shapes and sizes - each RC car is built with its own special set of capabilities to drive on diverse off road terrains.

What is off road RC car?

The power and traction of these RC cars make them perfect for challenging terrain including dirt, mud, grass, rocks, gravel, and sand. No matter which off road remote control car you choose, it will provide endless excitement, satisfaction and an unbeatable adrenaline rush!

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