RC Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure on land and in water - unleash the power of a powerful RC amphibious vehicle to drive across any terrain!

RC Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle
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Scale: 1:10

Material: ABS

Radio control: 2.4 GHz

Vehicle battery: 7.4V 2500maH

RC battery: 4pcs of 1.5v AA (not included)

Vehicle size: 53*24*27.5cm

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This vehicle is a real off road adventure hunter. Equipped with all 8 wheel drive system, this special RC amphibious vehicle are capable of taking on any kind of terrain, from rocky roads to mud. The truck is protected with IPX7 level waterproofing, meaning that whatever water obstacles you might come across while driving the vehicle, they won't be a problem at all. This truly revolutionary truck comes equipped with an all-wheels suspension system that creates realistic and lifelike movements for a thrilling experience. With up to 6kg of torque servo, you'll have plenty of power and maneuverability to work with. Featuring professional level proportional steering and throttle, plus added trims for each! The radio system keeps you protected with a low voltage warning system that monitors and alerts you when it is time to charge the vehicle battery. Its compact 1/10 scale makes it perfect for outdoor exploration, and it’s light enough to be carried easily. Experience outdoor fun in any weather with the Double E RC Amphibious Vehicle!

RC amphibious vehicle