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Building toys for all ages: CaDA Bricks at its best!

July 26, 2023

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Within only a few years, CaDA Bricks has grown from a small building toys start-up to one of the largest building toys manufacturers in China with plenty of international recognition.

When it comes to building toys, several toy manufacturers have dominated the market for decades. However; while these brands have focused on licensing deals to drive engagement from fans, they have not concentrated on new innovations surrounding play. At CaDA Bricks, our goal is to not only produce high quality building sets, but to also push the limits of the creative and open ended play experience and creative thinking.

From our initial start, with only two employees and a handful of molding machines, CaDA Bricks has seen exponential growth. Our new, state-of-the-art facility, covers over 25,000 square meters and contains over 250 molding machines, which produce nearly 150 different construction toys and employ over 500 people. With international recognition and success in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, the Netherlands, and Austria, the CaDA brand has become synonymous with quality and innovation.

The key to our success and rapid growth is our dual focus on both the creative play experience and the production quality. We have made strategic expansions in both our Research & Development and engineering teams, allowing us to create unique, construction toys that stand the test of time. Curious to learn more about what makes CaDA building sets different? Read on!

CaDA Bricks recoomended by international YouTubers five logos: Sariel's Reviews, Brodaty Geek, Brickmeet, Jappyfamily1004 and HW Bricks
CaDA construction toys recommended by international YouTubers

Build, re-build and experiment

With our play-focused mentality, our goal has always been to maximize the creative experience. For example, while other companies separate motorized sets from static brick sets, we provide the option to do both! Most of our models come with optional electronic add-ons that allow kids and adults to expand their stationary builds in just a few minutes! But that’s not all…

CaDA Bricks also provides kit upgrades, extending the play experience beyond the initial build. Many of our building sets include additional pieces and instructions to the builder can create their own look. An example of CaDA's classic construction toy can be seen below, with our Japanese Manga Initial D Toyota AE86 set C61024W, available now!

CaDA Bricks Initial D Toyota AE86 and Project D Toyota AE86 versions
CaDA offers creative ideas twist on traditional construction toys, giving players the chance to express their creativity in a unique and interactive way.

Another great example of our ‘Build, Re-Build, and Experiment’ philosophy is our ‘Four Season Tree House’ building set. Instead of just providing one building classic toy, we expanded the build to include enough pieces to represent each season. Kids and adults can easily swap the different bricks to create unique and dynamic appearances that reflect their environment.

CaDA's philosophy is empowering players to hone their building skills through increased engagement and interactivity.

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Purposeful Licensing

As CaDA Brick’s international presence has grown, we have engaged in strategic partnerships with well-known brands to transform their cars and vehicles into building bricks toy sets!

In 2020, we released our very first licensed set, the iconic Mazda RX7. After an incredible amount of success and record sales, we quickly developed licensing agreements with Humvee, Suzuki, Citroen, and many others!

We look forward to plenty of additional licensed building sets in the future, and can’t wait to bring even more iconic vehicles to life as brick sets!

Car manufacturer' logos: Citroen, Toyota, Humvee, Suzuki, Mazda and LEVC. Japanese manga Initial D logo.
CaDA licensing cooperation

Play Innovation - Creative Ideas

To avoid stagnant and bland play, we constantly look for innovation opportunities, starting from the most elemental components. Working with our R&D team as well as experienced MOC designers, we developed the ‘Cross Beam’. This versatile piece allows for endless construction possibilities. Watch the video below to learn more!

We also re-engineered the brick separator. Frustrated with the tedious process of taking apart technic-style builds, we developed a new and improved brick separator that features a wider grip, a textured lever, and more sturdy pin and axle removers.

CaDA separator  with 5 features: bush puller, jalf pin puller, axle pusher, normal pin puller and tile remover
CaDA separator

Beyond plastic - building set with metal and carbon fiber pieces

While we believe in the ingenuity and timelessness of classic building sets, we also recognize the opportunity for new materials. On several of our sets, we have introduced metal U-joints, and carbon fiber axles.

CaDA Bricks made of non conventional materials: metal u-joint and carbon fiber axle
Pieces made of non conventional materials

Small and Mighty

Balancing size with complexity can be a difficult task, especially when introducing electronics. One of CaDA’s most recent innovations is our micro motor. This component is the smallest of its kind, weighing in at only 12 grams and taking up only a small amount of space. However; don’t let its size deceive you. This micro motor packs a punch!

Why not motorize your favorite small scale car building kit with the new micro servo coming this Autumn from CaDA Bricks? Imagine all the possibilities!

Mobile App

The CaDA Go digital app is loaded with tons of features that let you easily control and manipulate your builds. You can choose from a variety of interfaces, ranging from RC controllers, path control, and even gyroscopic control. The app also features an intuitive drag-and-drop system that allows you to create complicated movements, sounds, or light with ease.

Drag and drop interfaces offer unique educational benefits for students of all ages. In addition to simply being an enjoyable experience, it can also help foster logical thinking skills.

Working with the Experts

CaDA Bricks has been constantly impressed with the custom creations fans are able to make with our builds. To further encourage this creativity, we actively seek out the best MOC builders and produce their unique builds. The CaDA Master line is completely based on fan builds, and has seen incredible success! Our building sets have been designed by iconic MOC designers such as Bruno J., Eric Trax, and JK Brickworks. After only a few years, we have brought over 10 MOC designs to life, with plans to develop many more Moc building sets!

CaDA Bricks moc cooperators
CaDA Bricks Moc experts

If you have a build you would like to be turned into a real set, let us know! We are always on the look out of new ideas that think beyond the brick. Easily submit your concept through our all new web portal (link below). Whether you are an enthusiast, or just a casual builder, we can’t wait to see your building set.

This is not yet over! In a time when various collaborations are becoming more popular, CaDA Bricks is open and available to anyone from engineers, designers, or toys inventors!

Poster with 3 words: CaDA talent wanted
CaDA is looking for talents

CaDA building toys for Kids

CaDA Kids - building blocks for children

While a good amount of our sets are focused on the teen and adult segment, we also produce several amazing lines for the younger builders among us. Cada Kids building blocks are truly made to inspire! From classic toys building blocks that encourages children to be creative and come up with unique designs, to blocks that come with in-built motor or sound modules which allow kids to grow critical thinking skills. Our CaDA Kids building blocks line is specifically made for children (kids ages 3+) to develop fine motor skills and problem solving skills. CaDA Kids line is a perfect STEM toys choice.

CaDA Elements - creative construction toys for kids play

Introducing our first open ended toys building sets: the CaDA Elements Flower Garden and the Mighty Airplanes! The innovative clip bricks attach to almost any material and fit with all standard construction bricks, so the possibilities are endless. This innovative building toys philosophy goes beyond traditional building brick sets (Build beyond the brick), CaDA Elements Flower Garden encourages kids to think outside the box and use whatever they can find around them, promoting recycling awareness and sustainability. The 2-in1 airplane construction toy kit comes complete with two unique airframes that can be customized with 6 different sets of decorative panels. CaDA Elements building sets line is a great way to provide quality play time and teach your kids valuable STEAM skills. CaDA Elements sets are designed to encourage open-ended play for fun without boundaries.

After-Sales service

One of the most frustrating brick fans experience is a missing piece without which their build can not be finished. If you have this problem, don't panic! We won't let you down as we offer a free after-sales service so there's no need to worry!

CaDA Bricks does not stop here!

As we’ve mentioned before, the core idea behind our business model is improving the play experience. We pride ourselves on our out-of-the-box thinking and our commitment to innovation, and so far, the feedback we have received from our fans has re-affirmed our approach.

We encourage you to pick up one of our building sets, try it out, and give us your honest feedback. We hope you will join thousands of others in supporting CaDA, and look forward to sharing the next steps of our journey with you!

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