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STEM Toys for Kids - The Best Picks from CaDA

August 14, 2023

STEM toys for kids - paper and blocks educational kit

Parenting is a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience. It’s especially wonderful to discover your child's natural talents and interests. Many children possess an innate curiosity, creativity and problem-solving ability that lends itself well to engineering, science and art. As parents seek to stimulate their children’s passion for discovery and creativity, it's no wonder that toys such as STEM building blocks have gained popularity in recent years, as parents seek to encourage children's passion for discovery, creative thinking and innovation. STEAM toys, which combine science, technology, engineering, art, and math, are particularly thought after. They allow children to explore these fields through hands-on play, and parents can fuel their passion for learning by equipping them with exciting tools and resources. With that in mind, we're thrilled to introduce our best STEM toys picks from CaDA.

STEM toys where E stands for engineering

Toys that focus on engineering, provide kids with a hands-on experience in designing and building solutions to any problem coming their way. From building buildings to constructing vehicles and various mechanisms, engineering-focused STEM toys give children the opportunity to think critically, develop problem-solving skills, and improve their creativity.

CaDA STEM toys series combination safe C71006W
Building blocks combination safe with working locking mechanism

Introducing our top choice: a remarkable Combination Safe (C71006W) crafted by world-renowned Canadian MOC (my own creations) builder JK Brickworks. With a lifelong passion for building and a particular fascination for ancient mechanical inventions, JK Brickworks is constantly inspired by the incredible achievements made with basic gears and linkages.

With careful attention to details this educational set is designed for older kids aged of 8+. With just 442 pieces it provides a hands-on experience in understanding the inner workings of a real-world combination safe. The CaDA Master C71006W set features a fully functioning 3 number combination locking mechanism, ensuring the safe can only be opened with the correct code.

CaDA Master Combination Safe
STEM toys must be fun

The safe features a timeless retro design with golden accents, while the combination dial includes printed numbers. The building instructions includes a well-illustrated explanation of the mechanism, providing a clear demonstration of how the real-life combination safes operates. This STEM set may require parental assistance, but it promises hours of fun and learning for both kids and their parents.

You can get the C71006W Combination Safe just for 43.99USD and that’s including shipping costs! Buy Combination Safe

Free play with CaDA 10 in 1 sets

Building bricks education set that allows to build sea port machines such as forklift, crane and many other, cool construction machines
10 in 1 educational engineering set

Introducing the 1 in 10 STEM CaDA set, specifically created to foster the development of abstract and critical thinking skills in children aged 7 and up. The set feature a vibrant assortment of CaDA pieces, as well as motors and a battery box. Combined, there offer endless possibilities to develop new MOC concepts. With step-by-step instructions for 10 unique builds, including for a truck, forklift, and telehandler, the learning opportunities are limitless. This set is conveniently packaged in attractive storage boxes and non of the builds require any phone App assistance. These educational kit is ideal for classroom fun to help children understand the fundamentals of engineering and engage into problem-solving activities.

Get to know more about CaDA fine motor skills toys with enhanced playability.

Kits for young construction engineers

Many children are captivated by construction vehicles and can spend a significant amount of time watching them in action. If your child has a passion for construction vehicles, then you should definitely consider the CaDA construction vehicle sets. These sets offer a diverse array of functional features that can be easily be controlled using turning knobs, promoting the development of fine motor skills. With 5 amazing machines to choose from - including a mining truck, forklift, excavator, mobile crane, and wheel loader - young engineers will be inspired to dive into imaginative play and develop essential critical thinking skills.

These sets are priced between 25USD and 35USD, which includes shipping. Purchase complete construction machine sets by clicking here.

CaDA Elements - creativity based STEAM toys

Discover the CaDA Elements collection - a range of play kits that ensure hours of entertainment. These kits not only captivate young minds, but also foster essential STEAM learning. Each set emphasizes open-ended play and encourages children to go beyond traditional brick-building to explore boundless creative ideas and learn new STEM skills.

CaDA Elements sets for creative play
Combining paper with bricks - build beyond the brick

The CaDA Elements sets offer a dynamic fusion of paper and bricks, empowering kids to strengthen their spatial reasoning skills and have a blast experimenting. Thanks to the easy-to-use components, they can effortlessly construct a plethora of different variations. The highlight of this product is the clip brick, a powerful component that perfectly matches the dimensions of a standard 3x2 brick. This versatile brick connects standard bricks effortly with a variety of planar materials. Whether it's cardboard, paper, aluminum foil, or any other material, this brick enables kids to learn new STEAM skills and think out of the box. CaDA Elements sets include pre-cut paper pieces with color gradients applied to one side. The other side is intentionally left blank, giving children the opportunity to color and create their own unique patterns.

CaDA Elements toys are aimed at kids aged 6+, CaDA elements sets are sold for 24.99USD each, which includes shipping. To buy CaDA Elements Click here

The Hole Puncher - the perfect companion for the clip brick

Hole puncher kit that allows to connect bricks with paper
Punch halls for multiple stud patterns

The Hole Puncher effortlessly creates holes that perfectly align with standard building bricks, giving your child endless opportunities for designing cool artwork projects. The three-layer design enables kids to effortlessly align the hole puncher on paper. Additionally, the magnetic stencil guide facilitates smooth movement on the paper, allowing for the creation of multiple stud patterns.

The Hole Puncher kit comes with 6 creative play sheets and 99 construction bricks. This kit is designed to teach children patience, and accuracy in a fun way. The price for the Hole Puncher kit is only 19.99USD!

Learning technology and engineering

Building sets are highly engaging STEM learning toys that children adore. Playtime that follows completion can be just as exciting and educational, sometimes even more so. CaDA educational sets take playtime to the next level by giving children the power to control their toys with a coding commands.

STEM robots

CaDA educational robot sets
STEM building robots with Scratch programming control

The CaDA STEM educational robots series provides a variety of excellent options for your kid to choose from. Each set includes bricks and a programmable cube that allows to control your robots' movements either through a traditional radio controller or through the CaDA phone application which offers a range of different control modes. The app is designed with one goal in mind: to encourage kids to learn coding in a simple and enjoyable way. With the CaDA mobile phone App kids can dive into the world of programming through a unique drag and drop control scheme. Using a series of block commands kids can create sets of instructions that a robot will then carry out. It's a fantastic introduction to Scratch programming and a great way to spark their interest in coding.

Choose from 3 CaDA STEM educational robots: I Bot, Z Bot and T Rex robot. Buy I Bot robot here

Scratch programming cars

Drag and drop application programming cars
Drag and drop app programming cars

CaDA programmable cars are available in a compact 1/20 scale. Built on a fixed chassis, these cars offer a seamless and simplified building experience. Control options include a traditional radio controller and user-friendly phone app with a drag and drop coding control interface perfect to teach Scratch programming basics. Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for children, and offers a simple yet educational programming language.

CaDA programming cars are available in various sports car designs that kids love to play with. You will find the RUF CTR Yellowbird, Citroen C4 (rally version) and Lotus Evija. Suitable for kids aged 6+, these product is priced at around 30USD. Purchase programmable cars here

STEM learning with the science and engineering kit

JK Brckworks set for STEM learning “Solar system"
Discover the intricate interplay of gears that brings planets into motion

Introducing the JK Brickworks special edition CaDA Solar System set – a captivating creation designed for both kids and adults who share a passion for astronomy and engineering. The synchronized movement of the planetary system mirrors the passage of time, taking 365 turns to complete one revolution around the sun, mirroring the length of a true year. This masterpiece showcases the wonders of complex gear systems, offering a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of real-life machinery.

This set has a complex structure that may require adult assistance. However, building this set promises to provide a wealth of valuable learning experiences.

Buy this set here

Enhance your child's development with CaDA educational toys

Give your child the best playtime experience with CaDA STEM toys. They are they enjoyable and they contribute to their cognitive, motor, and social development.

Safety and quality are our top priorities. All CaDA toys meet international safety standards and are made from high-quality materials, ensuring your child's well-being and long-lasting enjoyment.

Spark your child's creativity and imagination with CaDA toys. Our open-ended play potential allows children to use them in countless ways, fostering endless scenarios and providing enriching play experiences.

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