Combination Safe

Familiarize yourself with the intricate systems and gain a deep understanding of the combination safe. Designed by JK Brickworks.

Combination Safe
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Pieces: 442

Difficulty: medium


This Combination Safe is for those who seek a well-crafted mechanism not only to appreciate, but also to use for its intended purpose. With careful attention to detail, the imaginative 3 number combination lock provides maximum security. A unique turntable-style design featuring multiple layers of grooved codes is sure to keep your belongings secure in any situation.

Step 1: Rotate the number dial three full revolutions clockwise, then continue clockwise to the first number of the combination.

Step 2: Rotate the dial one full revolution counter-clockwise, then continue counter-clockwise to the second number of the combination.

Step 3: Rotate the dial clockwise to the third number of the combination.

Step 4: At this time, the grooves are aligned with the lock cylinder. Turn the lock bolt knob to open the safe box.

functional toy combination safe