Moc Fantasma Supercar C61048W

An opportunity to take your building experience to another level. Designed by Dugald Cameron.

Moc Fantasma Supercar C61048W
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Pieces: 4346

Scale: 1:8

Static unit

Difficulty: high


With so many functions the Fantasma (C61048W) offers a very challenging and rewarding experience. This 1/8 scale supercar model includes active all wheel steering, 9-speed gearbox with working V8 engine and independent 4 wheel suspension with swaybars and rear stabaizer. The model also features opening deck lids and a 3 way door lever to control the doors with automatically folding mirrors. Underneath the car you will find functional front spoiler that allows to adjust the front ride height for reduced turbulence. It doesn't stop there though; extra features include removable roof, adjustable seats and  rear wing.

With this high level of functionality comes a challenging and rewarding experience which simply makes C61048W set a must have for any supercar enthusiast.

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