Initial D Takumi Fujiwara Toyota AE86 C55014W

Experience the thrill of CaDA Bricks' Initial D AE86, now available in an impressive 1:24 scale.

Initial D Takumi Fujiwara Toyota AE86 C55014W
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Pieces: 280

Scale: 1:24

Non motorized

Difficulty: easy


Takumi Fujiwara's Toyota Trueno AE86 1:24 scale model offers entry-level brick building for casual enthusiasts of the Initial D manga and car lovers. Fans can easily build the Initial D AE86 for display with accurate dimensions in relation to each other. The set comes with free Initial D 25th anniversary brick!

Calling all serious collectors to check AE86 Initial D model in 1/12 scale!

Initial D AE86 1:24 scale CaDA Bricks sets packaging