Brickhead Initial D Takumi Fujiwara

Takumi Fujiwara brickhead is a great display piece and ideal for dedicated brick builders and collectors looking to add to their Initial D collection

Brickhead Initial D Takumi Fujiwara
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Pieces : 136

Difficulty: low


Build your favourite Initial D character in the form of brickhead and choose from five available sets! Each brickhead is immediately recognizable to fans of the Initial D anime series, and with around 150 pieces each brickhead is fun to build as well.

Takumi Fujiwara's brickhead comes in a compact, Initial D anime style box with clear instructions. The brickhead design is made up of vibrant colors, making it look alive and realistic.

The Initial D series’ main protagonist, Takumi is probably Japan’s most famous tofu delivery driver. Years of honing his skills on the treacherous winding tough mountain roads of Gunma prefecture in inland Japan have silently molded him to become one of the most skilled racers out there. While initially not particularly interested in street racing and competition, a simple coincidence awakens a sense of honor and ambition that drives him to start competing in his Toyota Trueno AE86 Initial D car. His timid exterior hides a stubborn and extremely focused driver.

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