Initial D Brickhead Keisuke Takahashi C55002W

Initial D brickhead Keisuke Takahashi is a great display piece and ideal for both dedicated brick builders and Initial D collectors.

Initial D Brickhead Keisuke Takahashi C55002W
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Pieces: 170

Difficulty: low


Build your favourite Initial D character and choose from five available sets! Each brickhead is immediately recognizable to fans of the Initial D series, and with around 170 pieces each they are fun to build as well.

Takumi’s very first rival and later team mate, Keisuke is the hot blooded and instinct driven half of the Takahashi brothers. A sore loser, Keisuke Takahashi’s pride was shattered when he was overtaken by a simple Toyota Trueno AE86 during one of his practice runs with his Mazda RX-7. He would later become one of the principal drivers of the new Project D team, alongside Takumi.

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