Initial D Fujiwara Tofu Store C61031W

Recreate the iconic Initial D Fujiwara Tofu Store right up to the tiny details with this meticulous building bricks set.

Initial D Fujiwara Tofu Store C61031W
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Pieces: 1908

Fujiwara Tofu Store size: 24*27*20cm

Modular structure

Difficulty: medium


This is not your average tofu store! This is Fujiwara Tofu Store! The set consists of 1908 pieces and features many interior and exterior detailing. The modular build allows you to open the walls, so that you can see highly replicated rooms: a production facility for making tofu; guest room; Bunta's and Takumi's bedrooms. Outside details include parking spaces for Toyota AE86, wooden electric column like those used at train stations around Japan as well as tofu box containing fresh tofu ready to be delivered.

The packaging includes an exclusive hand-drawn art by Shuishi Shigeno himself. It is sure to wow any fans receiving the set as a gift, especially since they can take the art out of the box and use it as poster in their room, or as an addition to any display case.

CaDA Bricks Initial D series Fujiwara Tofu Store C61031W set packaging with Shuishi Shigeno's hand art