Initial D Takumi Fujiwara Toyota AE86 C61024W

Recreate all the details of a legendary Initial D Takumi Faujiwara Toyota AE86. Choose between the classic Initial D look or go for the Project D version!

Initial D Takumi Fujiwara Toyota AE86 C61024W
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Pieces: 1324

Toyota Trueno AE86 scale: 1:12.5

Optional motorization

Difficulty: medium


Experience the thrill of owning an exact replica of Takumi Fujiwara's iconic Toyota AE86, as seen in Japanese classic manga Initial D series. This highly detailed model includes articulation points such as opening hood and trunk doors, a fully-featured interior including distinguishable seats and gear shift knob, plus working steering wheel and handbrake. Initial D 86 model also features a 1.6 L twin cam 16 valve engine bay with all essential details for recreating this legendary ride! Plus, the working front and rear suspension made for an extra smooth ride. If that wasn't enough to get any racing fan excited - you can even customize your car into its post-upgrade Project D form complete with alternative wing, body skirts & race hood; or motorize the Toyota Trueno for ultimate Takumi Fujiwara drift experience! Tofu box from Fujiwara Tofu Shop is included!

Initial D series had reached the impressive milestone of celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020! To commemorate this historic occasion, Double E Toys manufacturer decided to include every Initial D set with a limited-edition brick.

Takumi Fujiwara's Toyota AE86 set packaging with Shuichi Shigeno's manuscript