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Summer Japanese Coffee Shop

With its bright colors and playful features, the Summer Japanese Coffee Shop is a perfect set for display and diorama. Designed by Exesandbox.

Summer Japanese Coffee Shop
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Pieces: 1116

USB lights included

Difficulty: medium


Welcome to the CaDA Summer Japenese Coffee Shop! This charming Japanese-style coffee shop is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. The well-balanced colors and playful features are well combined with its size, making it a perfect fit for your tight shelf. The Coffee Shop has been designed to make you feel comfortable during hot summer days so it's equipped with an air conditioner and opening skylight, but also your comfort will be assured when sitting outside while covered by retractable sunshade. The front and side sliding doors give you access to the detailed interior, including the serving counter, stools, and coffee equipment. To add some extra flair and enjoyment, we have provided free USB LEDs that can be connected to light up the Coffee Shop with 8 different effects. The detailed designs and well-balanced colors of Japenese Coffee Shop C66007W allows it to be combined with Steamed Bun Shop C66006W for an astonishing Japanese street style diorama.

Summer Japanese Coffee Shop C66007W combined with Steamed Bun Shop C66006W for Japanese street style diorama