Moc Japanese Steamed Bun Shop

Old style double storey Japanese Steamed Bun Shop with awesome exterior and interior details.

Moc Japanese Steamed Bun Shop
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Pieces: 1108

USB lights included

Difficulty: medium


The double-storey Japanese style building has a shop on the first floor selling steaming buns. You can see striking signs, lush plants in this authentic setting. Opening back wall allows for access to see all the interior detailing and you will find fully equipped kitchen with all necessary machines. The loft bedroom on second floor offers some small but exquisite furniture to enjoy together with skylight transparent roof for those late nights and air conditioner to keep you cool during hot summer days. Featuring a delicious steamed bun serving area and a vending machine with soft drinks. The authentically detailed designs and well-balanced colors will give you creation with authentic Japanese street look and feel.

Japanese Steamed Bun Shop C66006W packaging