Flower Toys Garden

This fun and educational building toy set lets you build your very own flower toys garden using paper and clip bricks

Flower Toys Garden
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Pieces: 230

Clip bricks: 8

Petals and leaves: 20

Butterfly and bumblebee

Difficulty: low


Introducing an entirely new type of building toys focused on creativity and education. With the CaDA Elements Flower Toys Garden building set (C71022W), they can create their own miniature oasis! This paper and brick construction set comes with everything they need to build a realistic environment, including grass, bugs, and of course, flowers. The innovative clip bricks attach to almost any material and fit with all standard construction bricks, so the possibilities are endless. The clip brick allows kids to build either a bumblebee or a butterfly, complete with realistic flapping wings. The philosophy goes beyond traditional building brick sets (Build beyond the brick), CaDA Elements Flower Toys Garden encourages kids to think outside the box and use whatever they can find around them, promoting recycling awareness and sustainability. Plus, all bricks in this set are made of biodegradable materials that decompose naturally without polluting the environment. This educational set is perfect for STEAM activities, and it's sure to keep your child entertained for hours on end.

As a toy manufacturer, we take safety seriously and ensure that all elements used in our products are made from examined and safe materials.

Two colorful flower toys with some petals on the white background