Humvee C61036W

1/8 scale Humvee model features many points of articulation, realistic details and optional motorization, making C61036W set perfect for play and display.

Humvee C61036W
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Pieces: 3935

Scale: 1:8

Optional motorization

Difficulty: extra high


Experience the legendary military vehicle design with highly playable and displayable CaDA C61036W Humvee model. This Humvee model replica reflects tough character and sophisticated structure, and comes with many realistic features. Opening hood allows access to the detailed 8 cylinder boxer style engine with moving pistons, working all wheel drive and locking differentials for driving stability and balance. The transmission system allows to switch between high and low speeds. And, working features do not end here. The model also equipped with independent front and rear suspension and working winch, and comes with realistically looking ground-gripping tires! You can even open all four spring loaded doors and back hatch. On the top you can mount inter-changeable machine gun or cannon equipped with working firing system. Finished with optional motorization for more realistic play/pretend experience. The Humvee C61036W set has been designed to provide a truly realistic and rewarding building experience.

CaDA Bricks C61036W Humvee packaging