Japanese Tea Shop

Immerse yourself in Japanese influenced architecture and style with this eye catching Tea Shop set. Designed by Exesandbox.

Japanese Tea Shop
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Pieces: 1200

Model size: 20*13*23cm

USB lights included

Difficulty: medium


The Machiya townhouses can be found all over Japan and they are a crucial part of the country’s cultural heritage and for that reason Exesandbox has reproduced another iconic building - the Japanese Tea Shop. This modular building is not just for those who love Japanese architecture, it's also an excellent choice if you're looking to add some more variety into your collection. The combination of sleek, yet authentic Japanese design with perfect color matching brings the real architectural style into your home without having to watch any Japanese travel videos. By opening up the back wall, you'll be able to enjoy an interior detailing that was well thought through and planned. In addition, the model can be brought to life during the night with included LED lights. The set is packed in a beautiful box that that will bring a touch of Japan to your home!

Building bricks Machiya style model