Suzuki Katana

Introducing the remarkable 1/6 scale CaDA Suzuki Katan model, equipped with an array of impressive features.

Suzuki Katana
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Pieces: 1104

Scale: 1:6

Difficulty: medium


Suzuki KATANA - a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and elegance. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1982 Suzuki Katana, this motorcycle is a striking fusion of Suzuki technology and innovative design. Prepare to experience the perfect harmony of power and aesthetics, reminiscent of the legendary samurai sword.

Introducing the 1/6 scale Suzuki Katana 2022 model by CaDA Bricks. Experience the stunning design and enjoy its playable features. This model showcases fully functional front and rear suspension, along with a realistic engine complete with moving pistons. The motorcycle model includes genuine tires, a motorcycle stand, and a printed nameplate.

CaDa Suzuki Katana model