Moc Tiger Tank

Tiger tank motorized replica will impress not only history fans but also those who are interested in smart building solutions.

Moc Tiger Tank
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Pieces: 925

Scale: 1:35

Motorized unit

Difficulty: medium


Tiger tank set is an exciting new addition to the world of II World War tanks. C61071W set is a motorized unit made with historical accuracy in mind! In addition to driving/steering the 360-degree turret rotation is another special feature which deserves mentioning. This tank model features many historically correct details like spare tracks attached to the front and to the sides of turret (where they also served as extra armor) and a hammer on the front body under which an on/off button and battery charging port are hidden. To turn on or off the tank press on the hammer element and when it is time to charge the battery simply remove the hammer attached elements and get access to the USB port. Small in scale but powerful in features combined with historically correct details, this set will guarantee lots of fun during both construction and play.

CaDA Master Moc Tiger Tank C61071W by Maciej Szymanski