Four Season Story Tree Shack

The CaDA Tree Shack is perfect for inspiring seasonal fun all year round! This charming set includes a variety of pieces that allow you to reflect spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Four Season Story Tree Shack
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Pieces: 1155

Size: 26*25.6*12.4cm

Modular structure

Difficulty: medium

LED lights included


Introducing the CaDA Four Season Tree Shack! This amazing set includes four season detailing pieces, so you can build any season you like. Choose between Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, and enjoy all the features this build has to offer. The tree shack features an opening door and window, plus a functional flower pot lift and elevator. The Four Season Tree Shack comes with special LED lights that create 8 different lighting effects. Totally cool!

CaDA Tree Shack C66004W set showing all 4 season detailing applied, you can see Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter of this set