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RC trucks and vehicles for kids: combining safety and quality playtime

April 27, 2022

A boy playing with Double E remote control Mercedes truck

Double E toys are produced with the utmost importance placed on safety and fun. Our range of vehicles will allow you to find the perfect remote control car or truck for any occasion, and our customer service is always available to help.

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Double E Toys has been in the market for couple of decades and these days there is no e-commerce platform on which you would not be able to find our RC trucks and vehicles. But if you have never heard about us then this post will tell what you can expect from our products!

Double E Toys Safety Certificates
Toys safety matters

Safety comes first

Our products are produced solely at Double E Toys plant based in Shantou city, Guangdong province. We have a strict process from beginning to end that is constantly monitored by our well trained safety team and all of the products meet International Safety Standards! We have been chosen as an outsource supplier for a couple of famous toy retailers in the USA and EU. One main criteria was our attention to toy safety, which is our top priority.

Playing to learn

Kids Playing With RC Toys
The importance of play

RC toys mean lots of fun to our little ones but in fact quality playtime is also about learning. Double E trucks and vehicles are designed to develop real life skills and abilities: imagination - by simulating real life scenarios; actions - which help to build good coordination; social skills - by playing roles; logical thinking - by understanding on how RC toys work in order to achieve wanted results.

RC Toy Volvo Excavator And RC Toy JCB Tractor
Variety of licensed products

Wide Assortment

Double E Toys let's boys become powerful drivers by giving them the chance to ride all sorts of dream vehicles and trucks. Yes, we fulfill their fantasies with wide assortment from construction site RC vehicles, farm RC trucks to RC off roaders! Majority our products are licensed by big brand names like Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Volvo, JCB and many other famous companies. We have the perfect toy for every child, no matter their age. From free wheeling to RC trucks and vehicles - our selection has all of them covered!

Customer Service

Double E Toys Customer Service
Happy to help

We love hearing from our customers and we want to make sure that in case you need help, there is always someone available for assistance. Additionally, if at any point during your experience with Double E Toys - whether it be before or after purchase - you may want feedback on something specific just let us know!

Double E Toys Safety Certificates