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RC Toy Safety Guidelines

July 13, 2023

A girl and a boy playing with a garbage toy truck in a safe manner

Toy safety is important for both toy producers and toy purchasers. There are a variety of things to consider about toy's safety, such as the materials the toy is made from, the age range the toy is appropriate for, and how the toy will be used.

Don’t toy with toy safety

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) an estimated 198,000 toy-related injuries were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments in 2020. Boys accounted for over 57% of injured children. In 2019, an estimated 224,200 toy-related injuries for all ages were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments, and boys accounted for 59 percent of the serious injury group.

Toy safety responsibilities

Cartoon style factory, toy shop and young couple with a kid
All parties are responsible

Ensuring toy safety is important for everyone involved, from the toys manufacturer to the toy retailer to the parents and their kids. Toy manufacturers need to ensure that the toys made meet all applicable safety standards set by government and industry organizations. Toy retailers need to ensure that they are selling only safe toys and that they are displaying warning labels and age recommendations prominently. Parents need to ensure that they are buying right toys for their children and that their children are using the toys in appropriate way.

Plastic toys safety at Double E

When it comes to toy safety, there is no such thing as too cautious. That's why it's so important that toy manufacturers adhere to the latest safety regulations. With modern manufacturing facilities and tight quality control, they can be confident that their products meet the highest standards.

ABS granules with safety logos: ISO9001; ROHS and CE
Double E Toys are made from examined and safe materials

From its earliest days, our company has placed a high premium on both the quality and safety of our remote control toys. Double E Toys manufacturing process start with only the safest and most carefully-chosen raw materials, and we test each batch of materials thoroughly before it goes to the molding machines.

To ensure that toys are safe for younger children to play with, careful attention must be paid to their design. Some of the key elements that our team looks at when designing toys include rounded corners and battery compartment locking. Rounded corners minimize the risk of injury if children fall or collide with them and a battery compartment locking system keeps children away from batteries and wires. Our safety experts team examines every toy for potential hazards, and we also test to make sure that the solutions we apply work as we expect them to.

Rounded corners of the toy block and oy truck with locked battery compartment
Designed for safe children's play
Dump truck with opening trailer and a toy excavator with functional boom and shovel
Mechanical toy safety matters

At Double E Toys, we understand that the functionality and power of battery operated toys is an important toys safety aspect to consider (physical and mechanical hazards). Many of our RC construction series toys include moving parts like RC excavator arm and boom or RC dump truck moving trailer. We keep the power low to keep very young children safe while playing with our RC vehicles, but same time enough functional so the vehicles can well imitate moves and functions of the real life counterparts.

At Double E, we also produce hobby grade licensed RC construction equipment including several models of remote control excavator.

Toy packaging should absolutely be designed in a visually appealing way that will capture the attention of children, it is also important that the packaging contains toy instructions for toy safety. By including toy instructions on the packaging, we help to educate parents and guardians on toy safety, ultimately helping to keep children safe. The packaging also includes information on the recommended age range for the toy, as well as warnings or cautionary statements. In addition to the general safety information that is included on packaging, our manual provides complete safety instructions for assembly and use.

All Double E toys meet the strictest safety standards in both Europe (EN71) and America (ASTM).

Retailers’ toy safety responsibility

Chocking hazard warnings in English and Arabic with CE sign
Make sure to inspect the packaging for safety signs and warnings

Toy retailers an toy distributors are required to ensure that the toys on sale are labeled in accordance with the local toy safety regulations. This includes ensuring that the toy has the appropriate age label, as well as any warnings or precautions that may be necessary. Information and manuals should be available in the local language, otherwise it can be very difficult for consumers to understand how to use or assemble the toy. It is recommended that information about the toy manufacturer and the toy distributor is placed on the packaging. Toy retailers must also ensure that the toy is not damaged or broken, and that all of the parts are securely attached.

 If you want a free Double E toy catalog, then apply for one!

Toy safety at home

Giving a toy to children is always an exciting moment, but it also comes with responsibilities. There are a few simple things you can do to help keep your children safe from harm when they're playing with toys at home.

Before we start, it is important to make sure that you are buying from dedicated toy retailers who have their business registered locally. The reason for this is because local toy retailers are more likely to ensure that the toys they sell meet local toy safety standards and are not harmful for child's development.


Toy safety guidelines

6+ and 14+ ages signs on two toys packaging
It is important that your children are playing with age-appropriate toys

1. Toys should be age-appropriate. Pay attention especially if children under three as they should never be allowed to play with toys which are marked as being unsuitable for them (look for the age group on the box). This will minimize the risk of choking hazard and other injuries!

2. Read instructions and warnings on the packaging and in the manual.

3. Discard any plastic wrapping the toy came in.

4. Ensure the toy is in good condition. Avoid toys with sharp edges, thin plastic and with small parts that present a chocking hazard.

5. Inspect batteries and wires they are in good condition. Look for cracks and damaged parts.

6. Fit batteries the right way round, observing the + and - marks on the battery and compartment.

7. Lock battery compartment firmly.

8. Turn on the toy and test all of its functions before showing it to your child. Make sure there are no strange noises or burning odors.

9. Demonstrate how to play with a toy safely. If a toy fires objects insure that your kid wears protective glasses and explain that the toy can not be pointed at other people of animals.

10. Teach your child not to hold a toy directly to it’s ears, since some sounds can be too loud.

11. Provide supervision to be sure your child knows how to play with a toy in a safe manner.

12. All the time supervise children if they play with RC toys near traffic.

13. Keep RC toys dry and do not allow children to splash water on them.

14. Clean toys with a dry cloth.

15. Teach your kids to tidy and put the toys away after play.

16. Separate younger and older children’s toys.

17. Store toys in dry and safe place.

18. Inspect your child's toys at least once a month to make sure they are in good condition and there are no holes, cracks or separate pieces. If you notice any damages, don't hesitate and get them fixed as soon as possible.

RC toy battery charging instructions
To avoid accidents, read the manual!

Extra tips for toy battery safety

1. Do not mix different types of batteries.

2. Do not mix old and new batteries.

3. Remove batteries from toys and remote control while not in use.

4. Store batteries in the fireproof battery storage bags or boxes away from children.

5. Never charge ordinary batteries.

6. Never leave batteries, especially small size, lying around t avoid chocking or poisoning damage.

7. Never allow your child to charge batteries. Charge batteries on safe non flammable floor away from flammable objects and away from children.

8. Inspect batteries and wires on a regular basis, if damaged stop using them immediately.

 Notice: be aware that this article does not cover toys safety guidelines for wooden toys, stuffed toys and outdoor toys.

Toys manufacturing since 1988

Double E began in the mid 1980s when a small family members team started to assemble toys at home. Today, the Double E Group is one of the biggest children's toys manufacturers in China with a 50 000 square meter facility and 1000 employees. The company has partnerships with enterprises from over 50 countries, including well known toy brands like Jamara and Carlson.

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