T-90 Tank

CaDA Bricks 1:20 scale T-90 tank realistic replica model for display and pretend play.

T-90 Tank
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Pieces: 1722

Scale: 1:20

Optional motorization

Difficulty: medium


Meet CaDA highly detailed T-90 (C61003W) Russian battle tank model which not only looks good on a display but also allows for optional motorization. This set is build of 1722 pieces and comes in impressive 1/20 scale. With its realistic exterior and interior details, this T90 tank model will leave any tank enthusiast speechless! This replica has everything from anti aircraft gun with manually moving barrel, smoke grenade launcher, interference emitter to cockpit, ammunition rack and detailed engine. The T90 tank also features rotating turret, manually adjustable gun barrel for any angle, with easily detachable modular design that allows for optional motorization for more realistic pretend play experience.

T-90 tank toy model replica