Moc Farm Tractor C61052W

CaDA Master series realistic model version of motorized farm tractor in 1:17 scale with functional plough for realistic play experience designed by Eric Trax.

Moc Farm Tractor C61052W
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Pieces: 1675

Scale: 1:17

Motorized unit

Difficulty: medium


Eric Trax is definitely one of the most famous MOC designers and very well-known for his farming theme builds. Eric Trax's farm tractor is an excellent example of his MOC design skills. The tractor features a motorized unit with two M motors, an L motor, and a servo. The battery box and radio control are also included. The tractor comes with a detachable plough which when attached to the tractor can be lifted and rotated 180° into working position. The model is also equipped with the front hitch lift for more fun play. The open hood gives an access to the rotating gears which are attached at once making it look like a real mini version of classic tractors we know.

Eric Trax's red ram tractor with detachable plough