Initial D Brickhead Kyoichi Sudou

Bring the magic of the Initial D anime series to your building bricks collection with the professionally trained driver Kyoichi Sudou brickhead.

Initial D Brickhead Kyoichi Sudou
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Pieces: 117

Difficulty: low


Build your favourite Initial D character and choose from five available sets! Each brickhead is immediately recognizable to fans of the Initial D series, and with around 150 pieces each they are fun to build as well.

Kyoichi is a professionally trained driver who is counted as one of the best racers out there. Like his rival Ryosuke of Project D, he is a calculated driver with a calm demeanor. He believes in the superiority of his formal training and of his Mitsubishi Lancer, and he can be considered to be the first driver to have defeated Takumi, due to a blowout of the latter’s engine.

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