Long March 5 Rocket

CaDA collaboration with CASCI brings the Long March 5 rocket carrier set

Long March 5 Rocket
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Pieces: 1502

Size: 76*14.4*.14.4cm

Static version

Difficulty: medium


Space fans rejoice! You have a chance to re-build Long March 5 rocket carrier yourself. The model is highly detailed and accurate, right down to the smallest details: booster engines, Kerosene tanks, Mars rover, Lander, secondary liquid hydrogen, primary engine and many other parts. Modular structure allows to easily assemble and disassemble the model, and includes all of the components of the real rocket. The C61032W set also includes transparent pieces which allow to see the internal structure and that makes the model a perfect display item. In addition, you will find additional non bricks components for a dramatic rocket launch scene. The Long March 5 set comes in aerospace theme sleek tube shape box which allows to place the rocket on the top of the box.

Long March 5 Rocket model