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CaDA Elements Flower Garden Set C71022W Teacher’s Guide

June 28, 2023

CaDA Elements Flower Garden C71022W set teacher's guide

By promoting ‘outside-the-brick’ thinking, CaDA Elements encourages children to look beyond conventional construction bricks and find building components in the world around them. We want kids to imagine how common household items could be combined with building blocks, and turned into something magical! This type of open ended play experience can be directly applied to STEAM fields, where problem solving and creativity are necessary!

The CaDA Elements line gives kids of all ages the ability to expand their traditional toy brick creations by leveraging found materials, such as paper or cardboard. Over the course of several blocks, the students will get to build the specified CaDA Elements set, and then expand upon their creation either through role playing, coloring, or modification of the set with other elements!

Build the Set

A flower and a bumblebee building toys set
A perfect set for 2 kids

Depending on the number of sets available, provide 1 set to each student, or 1 set to a pair of students. Monitor the students as they build along with the instructions, assisting them if they need help, or are stuck on a specific set. If the students are building together, make sure are aware of the correct page to start on.

After the student has finished building the set, encourage them to role play with the butterflies and bumblebees. Use the opportunity to educate them about the important role these bugs play in a garden ecosystem. For example, bumblebees and honeybees are vital to pollinating flowers. Allow the students to fly the bugs around in the air, and allow them to clip them to different parts of the set.

Creative Expression

Colorfoul paper flowers
20+ paper leaf and flower pieces

After the students have built the initial set, encourage them to use the different flower and leaf components to customize their garden. Show them the different examples provided below, or demonstrate what you would like them to do by modifying a set yourself. Encourage the students to really think outside of the standard set, and showcase different student’s creations as inspiration.

After the kids have had enough time to construct and build their very own flower garden, allow them to show and tell the sets. Ask them to describe how they came up with their floral arrangements. Take photos and share them with us using the hashtag #cadaelements for a chance to be featured!


Paper flower pieces colored with watercolors
Markers, crayons and watercolors

After the students have modified the sets using the provided elements, have them take the different flower petals and leaves and flip them over, exposing the blank, white side. Provide the students with markers, crayons, or even watercolors, and encourage them to create their very own flowers. Provide them with real-world examples of flowers to stimulate their creativity.

After they have colored the different elements, have them assemble the flowers and leaves into a garden. Depending on the size of the classroom, it may be easier to work with each child to help them re-assemble their creations.

Think ‘Outside-the-Brick’

2 green leaves connected to the clip brick
Creating hybrid builds

Provide the kids with additional materials such as loose paper and artificial/real leaves. Encourage the kids to use the materials to build the set. For example, demonstrate swapping a paper leaf with a real one, or using scissors to cut out a unique flower shape and adding it to the set. Have the kids customize their flower toys gardens and then show them to the class.

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Open end play challenge

Clip brick connected with different materials: straws, tissues and paper
STEAM based experimentation

Provide the students with a handful of standard construction bricks, CaDA Clip Bricks, and some additional materials: straws, tissues, cardboard, silver foil or strings. Give them a creative challenge, and encourage them to be creative with how they use the materials with the clip brick. Depending on the class size, it may be useful to have them work collaboratively to create. Showcase their creations and share them with us by using the hashtag #buildbeyondthebrick or #cadaelements.

The line of CaDA elements toys is a new way to help kids develop their creative skills. The sets are manufactured according to the strictest international toy manufacturer safety regulations.

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