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Remote Control Fire Truck Toys For Kids

July 13, 2023

Four red remote control fire truck toys model

Firefighting has inspired many childhood dreams, and it's not hard to know why. Firefighters are brave, strong and drive powerful fire trucks equipped with cool equipment. Kids are amazed with fire truck engines that create an spectacle views from sirens and horns as well as colorful lights. From ladders soaring skyward or water cannons dousing towering flames; there is so much about a firefighter’s life worth admiring!

Here at Double E Toys, we are passionate about creating the ultimate realistic play experience for young kids. Our remote control fire truck toys come equipped with all of the features necessary to ignite imaginations! Our selection offers the ultimate firefighter experience, offering both realistic-style RC fire truck engines and modern robotic technology. Experience an innovative way to fight fires with remote control!

Mercedes Benz Arocs RC Fire Truck

Let the fun begin! Your little firefighter can now experience the thrill of driving a real-life fire truck with this Mercedes Benz Arocs replica. This remote controlled model offers true-to-life features to make playtime as realistic and engaging as possible - perfect for your mini hero in training!

Red Mercedes remote control fire truck model with raised ladder
Fire truck model with all realistic functions

Model number:

Scale: 1/20

Radio control: 2.4GHz

Fire truck battery: 4.8V 400maH (fire truck battery is included)

Fire truck battery charger: included

Fire truck size: 46.6*16*23.7cm

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs is a reliable powerhouse that has been revolutionizing the heavy-duty trucking industry since 2013. Its robust design and performance capabilities make it an ideal choice for any emergency venture. Double E Toys is excited to unveil the state-of-the art Mercedes Benz Arocs remote control fire truck with ladder, with an intricate 1/20 scale design sure to delight any young firefighter. The Arocs fire truck model is equipped with an engaging remote control water sprinkler mechanism that allows it to accurately simulate extinguishing fires. The remote controller is packed with realistic features, young kids get to practice their driving and steering skills while also exploring all other fire truck aspects - from extending ladder to rotating turret for full 660 degrees. This Mercedes fire truck model is equipped with realistic lights and serene sounds that will transport your kid right into the heart of the firefighting action.




Remote Control Fire Truck Toy For Beginners

Bring your child's dreams to life with this amazing fire truck model! Perfect for beginners - a great mix of both automated and manual features. Let the fun begin!

Red toy fire truck with extended laader
A perfect gift for your kid

Model number: E597

Scale: 1/20

Radio control: 2.4GHz

Fire truck battery: 4.8V 400maH (fire truck battery is included)

Fire truck battery charger: included

Fire truck size: 38.5*12*22.5cm


With the Double E fire truck model, young children can take their first steps into controlling and navigating remote control toys - a great way for them to understand and learn driving and steering. E597 fire truck is packed with amazing features, such as a working light and siren system, as well as the ability to remotely activate its water sprinkler. Young firefighters can skillfully operate the ladder extension, nozzle vertical movement and rotations of the platform - all requiring precise manual hands-on activities that are necessary to cultivate fine motor skills.

The Double E E597 remote control fire truck toy model provides kids with an exciting way to familiarize themselves with critical firefighting safety principles and encourages educational playtime!



Remote Control Firefighter Robot With Mobile Phone App Interface

With a radio controller or phone App, you can control this robotic masterpiece - complete with real working water sprayer.

Red fire fighter toy robot
Choose between traditional radio control or advanced phone App

Model number: E812

Scale: n/a

Radio control: 2.4GHz

Firefighter robot battery: 7.4V 600maH (robot battery is included)

Firefighter robot battery charger: included

Firefighter robot size: 19*21*21cm


Double E firefighter robot's innovative design gives it a futuristic look and enhanced capabilities that enable this robotic firefighting force to respond quickly in challenging conditions. Equipped with tracks, the robot can swiftly navigate tight spaces - ideal for rescuing people trapped in tight streets. The robot, empowered by tracks and 170 degrees of upper body rotation capability, is able to maneuver around even the tightest spaces. Most fun comes from the phone app with drag and drop control interface that is designed to introduce your kids to coding learning in a fun way.



Remote Control Fire Department Truck

Double E service rescue vehicles provide emergency personnel with an all-inclusive tool to handle a wide range of lifesaving operations.

Red fire department toy truck
Fire department truck with working sounds and lights

Model number: E671

Scale: 1/18

Radio control: 2.4GHz

Rescue vehicle battery: 4.8V 300maH (robot battery is included)

Rescue vehicle charger: included

Rescue vehicle size: 19*21*21cm


In one compact unit, rescue vehicle is able to carry out both essential and advanced life saving equipment quickly and efficiently when every second counts. The E671 vehicle comes with a radio control that allows you to navigate and maneuver it as well as trigger its built-in flashing lights and siren sound effects. Open the back door and access an extensive range of essential rescue equipment located in the back cabin. This special Double E rescue vehicle is an invaluable addition to the firefighter's truck arsenal, providing vital support in emergency situations.


About Double E Remote Control Toys

Double E provides products that are designed with safety in mind, crafted from ABS material and certified to the highest international standards. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your purchase is safe and secure.

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