Folding Platform Excavator E241

This Double E Toys excavator is an excellent kids manual toy that can be transformed into a construction site playground with the simple fold-up platform.

Folding Platform Excavator E241
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Scale: 1:20

Material: ABS

Excavator size: 40.5*14.7*23.5cm

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The manual toy excavator (E241) is a fun, interactive way to teach your kids about construction site and help them develop problem solving skills. The digger has an open back platform loaded with: a minifigure, 2 free wheel mini trucks, road signs, detachable ramps and stickers. This toy excavator features a functional excavating mechanism with moving boom, arm and bucket. The driving function makes it feel more realistic when playing. This fun and exciting construction site vehicle can be used both indoors or outdoors, making it perfect all year round! Encourage your little one's creativity by allowing them to build their own construction site playground with this awesome folding excavators in no time.

Double E Toys manual toy excavator E241 packaging