Usui Touge Parking Lot C61034W

Recreate classic Initial D scene - build your own Usui Touge Parking Lot.

Usui Touge Parking Lot C61034W
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One of the most iconic locations in the Initial D series is the Usui Touge parking lot, which is located between Nagano and Gunma prefecture in Japan. The parking lot is situated at the top of a winding road, and it offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The parking lot has become an epic Initial D from the First Stage where Iketani is supposed to meet up with Impact Blue driver Mako. Now you can re-create that scene or even an alternate version of your own! The detailed diorama is made up of bricks and paper elements that allows you to create more intricate details, making this model even more lifelike. Parking lot can be combined with Initial D car models in 1/35 scale: C56016W, C56017W and C56018W. You will also find LED lights included to light up the parking lot in the evening. The set comes in manga style packaging so it's the perfect gift for collectors and building brick fans alike.

Initial D Usui Togue parking lot diorama