Moc Goliath Bulldozer C61056W

Amazingly realistic and fully functional Goliath Bulldozer is the perfect addition to your building bricks construction theme collection.

Moc Goliath Bulldozer C61056W
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Pieces: 2826

Scale: 1:16

Motorized unit with double battery and double remote control

Difficulty: high


The Goliath Bulldozer is the perfect addition for any construction-themed CaDA set. It's a fully functional unit, complete with real working parts, and it comes in an impressively large scale of 1:16. Plus, at 2826 pieces, this bulldozer is sure to provide hours of building fun!

Goliath Bulldozer is packed with electrics, you will find 5 L motors and 2 micro motors. The unit is powered with a double battery box and controlled with a double remote control. Smart driving/steering system called subtractor, utilizing two motors and two differentials, allows not only turning the bulldozer in place but also without stopping. This bulldozer comes with fully functional tools, so you can have hours of fun playing with it. You can control blade's tilt and angle, as well as back ripper's depth and angle, without ever having to touch them. This realistic design is perfect for anyone who wants to feel like they're really operating a bulldozer. The realistic design also features working front and rear LED lights.With a detailed cab and cockpit console, plus an opening hatch that provides access to the working engine with moving pistons, this bulldozer is sure to impress.

CaDA Master C61056W Goliath Bulldozer back of the outer box and inner box design packaging