Remote Control Toy Ambulance

Immerse yourself in the surprising world of emergency rescue medical service. Become a driver for an ambulance truck and help save lives!

Remote Control Toy Ambulance
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Scale: 1:18

Material: ABS

Radio control: 2.4 GHz

Ambulance battery: 4.8V 300maH

RC battery: 2pcs of 1.5v AA (not included)

Ambulance size: 33.2*11.4*13cm

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The remote control ambulance truck is a great toy for all young drivers who want to immerse themselves into emergency situations and become a member of the medical rescue team. The remote control ambulance features driving and steering together with working lights and sounds. Opening back door allows to place favorite mini figures inside the ambulance truck. The ambulance is also equipped with portable first aid kit and stretcher. By pushing a button, kids can make the ambulance truck start flashing its lights and sounding its siren as it rushes to the scene of an accident to provide first aid. The remote control ambulance truck is a great way for kids to learn about responsibility and helping others in a fun and safe environment.

Remote control toy ambulance