RC Front Loader Tractor

The functional front loader tractor RC model is a great way to get your child to get excited about construction site and farm play!

RC Front Loader Tractor
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Scale: 1:16

Material: ABS

Radio control: 2.4 GHz

RC tractor battery: 3.7V 600maH

RC battery: 2pcs of 1.5v AA (not included)

RC tractor size: 71*17.5*21cm

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The Double E Front Loader Tractor (E356) is a versatile RC model that can be used both on the farm and in construction site. The back hook allows for additional agricultural machines or trailers to attach, while remote control front loader feature makes lifting materials easy! With working lights & sounds added this toy tractor provides hours of fun with guaranteed enjoyment.

Front loader tractor toy model