Volvo FMX RC Dump Truck

Introducing the Volvo FMX remote control dump truck model - an impressive 1/14 scale replica. This impressive model features a real hydraulic lifting system, enabling it to effortlessly carry loads of up to 20kg.

Volvo FMX RC Dump Truck
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Scale: 1/14

Size of the vehicle: cm

Vehicle battery: 7.4V 300mAh

Radio control: 4pcs 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

Hard plastic ABS body with metal bed

Carry weight: up to 20kg


Introducing the Volvo FMX remote control dump truck model, a highly detailed replica in 1/14 scale. Made of metal with a durable ABS plastic cabin, this model features a detailed cab and a realistic-looking fake engine with metal wheel hubs. The FMX dump truck is not only visually impressive, but it also boasts impressive functionality. Equipped with pendular suspension, the axles come with a differential lock and wheel reducer for enhanced performance. In addition to its stunning design, this model also features functional working lights in the front, rear, and on top cabin, as well as an inbuilt sound system for added realism. But what really sets this model apart is its real hydraulic lifting system, complete with an adjustable hydraulic pump. This allows you to lift and transport loads with up to 20kg of weight. The radio controller for this model is the FlySky, providing you with precise control over this impressive vehicle. And as a bonus, you will also receive extra tire and an extinguisher for more realistic look.

Experience the power and precision of the Volvo FMX remote control dump truck - the ultimate addition to any collection or for enjoyable playtime.

Volvo FMX remote control dump truck in 1/1
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