Viva Hypercar

Between its sleek exterior design, glorious performance features - this model will surely set you on the path of hyper-adventure. Designed by Thijs De Bour.

Viva Hypercar
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Pieces: 4739

Scale: 1:8

Static unit

Difficulty: high


The Viva Hypercar gives you an experience like no other. With over 4,700 pieces of pure building bliss at your fingertips, this model promises a challenging and utterly engaging adventure that leads to an unforgettable finished product you won't soon forget!

The model comes with 8+N+R functional gearbox that is directly connected to its convenient paddle shifter for a smooth transition between gears. Smart construction allows to experience next level of play with adjustable ground clearance and dynamic suspension, letting you take those tight turns like a pro driver! You will also find an awesome V12 engine under its hood, with roaring pistons that move in perfect harmony and a mechanism which gives you control over working aerodynamics. Opening butterfly doors give an access to the gorgeous details inside, from striking red sport seats to meticulously crafted control panel. In addition, the Viva model goes beyond expectations with its amazing exterior detailing, making it the perfect model to fit in your collection.

Building bricks red supercar model
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