Type 99A Tank

Now you have a chance to build and test the PLA land forces main battle tank 99A.

Type 99A Tank
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Pieces: 1707

Size: 40*14.8*17cm

Static version

Difficulty: medium


The type 99a was officially introduced at the 2015 Victory Day Parade. It is an updated version of the type 99, and it is the newest model of main battle tank in the PLA army. The  CaDA tank Type 99A comes in 1/25 scale with features that make it the perfect addition to any military fan's collection. The CaDA 99A tank C82001W is equipped with many advanced technological solutions like laser protection system and smoke grenade dischargers. The tank model features fully rotating turret, moving barrel and opening hatches. The modular build allows you to remove sections such as its turret armor or turret and see interior details including the tank's cockpit. In addition, the engine can be removed and stored on a stand, making it easy to service or replace parts.

Green PLA type 99a tank building bricks toy model