T-34 Tank

Small in size but great in features, loaded with historically correct detailing - rest assured that every Soviet Union comrade will be impressed!

T-34 Tank
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Pieces: 722

Scale: 1:35


Difficulty: medium


The T-34 (C61072W) tank is another impressive build by Maciej Szymanski. Despite being smaller than other models it still performs at full motorized capacity: driving, steering and turret rotations. The T34's driving is powered by 2 M size motors making the tank to go over obstacles like nothing and the turret 360 degrees rotations are powered with the micro motor. One interesting thing to mention about this vehicle would be that underneath its T-34 exterior you will find exactly what was described: faithful preserved wheel arrangement with greater distance between 2nd and 3rd wheels! The detailing on this vehicle is incredible: exhaust system, rear armor ventilation grille, turret ventilation domes, a periscope and even a toolbox on the left fender.

CaDA Master C61072W T-34 Tank by Maciej Szymanski