Monster Truck C61008W

With its chunky tires and powerful performance, this awesome CaDA Monster Truck is ready to smash any obstacle in its way!

Monster Truck C61008W
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Pieces: 699

Motorized unit

Difficulty: medium


CaDA Bricks C61008W is a 4x4 cool looking off-road building bricks Monster Truck with pretty impressive features and performance. Yes! Take your C61008W Monster Truck to the field! This set is designed for indoors and also outdoors fun. That is why CaDA team has thought about those plastic building bricks which take lots of impact and provided with alternative material elements to reinsure stable performance of the Monster Truck: metal cardan joints and carbon fiber axles. Different trucks require different speeds, thus C61008W monster truck is equipped with low and high speed switch. What makes monster truck so unique? Of course large tires and cool looking body art. Outdoor fun will definately include repairs and fixes, that is why the monster truck's body can be removed in couple of seconds as it is attached to the truck with only 2 pins. C61008W building bricks monster truck's combines stunning look with smart construction - allowing you to achieve powerful performance results worth of calling this vehicle - Monster Truck!

Monster Truck C61008W packaging