Moc V12 Hypercar C61053W

The V12 Hypercar is powered by 2 powerful buggy motors which allow you to choose between 2 different speeds. Designed by SuhWa Ji

Moc V12 Hypercar C61053W
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Pieces: 4449

Scale: 1:8

Motorized unit

Difficulty: high


The V12 Hypercar model is the third CaDA Master 1/8 scale supercar set which was build by a very talented Korean Moc builder SuhWan Ji. This impressive super car model is powered by two powerful buggy motors, with the option to choose from high or low speeds. The V12 Hypercar features an opening 90° gull-wing doors which provide and access to the detailed interior. This model also includes fake V12 engine with moving pistons and sophisticated suspension system which allows for smooth riding! The exterior of this car was designed with care and attention to every little detail, which makes it look just like the real car. In addition, the C61053W model comes equipped with custom racing rims and sport style wheels. Experienced builders will be pleased to find an additional free pack of black pins!

CaDA Master Moc C61053W V12 Hypercar packaging