Dongfeng 21D

CaDA with CASCI brings Dong Feng 21D mobile launcher ballistic missile for all military theme fans.

Dongfeng 21D
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Pieces: 6351

Size: 97*30.4*30.7cm

Optional motorization

Difficulty: extra high


The CaDA Bricks Dong Feng 21D anti-ship ballistic missile comes in super huge 97 cm lengths and consists of 6351 pieces! The vehicle is not only made for a display but also the model offers quite a few playable features, such as a functional rocket raise of 90° and 6 wheel steering system. The modular build is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled and consist of 5 parts: internal projectile, projectile, missile, vehicle body and chassis. The set comes with extra transparent pieces which allow to see internal structure of the missile. The chassis are equipped with 4 wheel drive system and leaf spring suspension for more realistic movement. Just like the real Dong Feng vehicle, CaDA model features working outriggers to prevent harmful stress on its frame and suspension system during rocket launch. In addition, the model offers an optional motorization system for a more realistic pretend experience.

The Dong Feng 21D C56031W set is designed to be a truly realistic and rewarding building experience.

CaDA Bricks Dong Feng 21D mobile luancher