Dark Knight Supercar

The supercar detailed model replica with optional motorization, sturdy structure and many cool features is a perfect set for play and display.

Dark Knight Supercar
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Pieces: 2088

Scale: 1:10

Optional motorization

Difficulty: high


Dark Knight Supercar is the perfect set for any supercars fan who loves speed! The highly detailed and functional vehicles comes with optional motorization that allows to control its movement and lights. The opening butterfly doors allow you to access to the detailed cockpit, where you can find functional steering wheel. The engine is definitely something that you'll want to check out. It's not just an imitation, but rather the real deal with moving pistons! The independent front and rear suspenions give you the control needed to make sharp turns with ease. With its detailed design and sturdy construction, this model will make a perfect addition to your car collection.

CaDA Bricks Dark Knight Supercar C63003W packaging