Blast Tank C71012W

With CaDA Blast Tank, kids can not only build a cool truck, but also learn the basics of drag & drop programming.

Blast Tank C71012W
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Pieces: 501

Motorized unit

Chassis build in 7.4V 500mAh battery

Dual control: mobile phone App and radio control

Difficulty: low


The Blast Tank consists of 501 pieces and it is equipped with Mecanum type wheels. Each wheel is powered with one separate motor allowing the vehicle for agile performance. Your kid can choose from dual control: radio control or CaDA Go phone APP. APP offers 3 control interfaces: traditional joystick, gravity sensor and drag & drop programming. Scratch programming based interface allows your kid to plan different vehicle movement sequences. Planning different routes may not only boost your kids imagination but also help to develope logical thinking. CaDA scratch programmable vehicle integrates fun with hands on skills!

CaDA Blast Tank C71012W packaging